Saturday, November 28, 2015

Scary Tales:Last Stop Movie Review 375

Scary Tales:Last Stop is a 2015 horror movie anthology written and directed by Geno McGahee and starring Logan Lopez, Leeann Aubuchon, Chris Geoffrion,Xoe Rose and Julian Lowenthal. It is a sequel to Scary Tales which I have reviewed here. Be warned that there are spoilers below!!!!

The movie begins with a guy at a train station complaining because the train is delayed. There are other people waiting too. It turns out that people died on the train and that is why there is a delay. The group of people are thrown together and they begin to talk. There is Mike(Lowenthal), Janice(Aubuchon), Lacy(Rose),Jason(Lopez)and Douglas(Geoffrion). Douglas is annoyed because he needs to get a train. He has recently been sacked after 25 years in his company. He needs to get to an interview for a new job. Janice is a teacher and she is a positive person. Lacey is a teen and she s a drifter. Douglas isn't impressed with her. He thinks that she is a loser. She tells them that she is going to New York. She's had a rough time of it.

Janice is going on a blind date. She has had bad luck with guys in the past. The station worker(Ray Surprenant) tells them that they are stuck there for the night.Janice begins the storytelling. She had a nightmare, she tells them. She was at her apartment and on a dating website. She meets someone nice and he is called Bob( Pete Baez). He tells her that his mother had dementia and that he hasn't had a date in years. He invites her over to his place and they chat. He gets a phone call and he has to go out. He leaves her alone in his apartment. She looks around his place. She discovers that he has been chatting to loads of women. She confronts him when he comes back and he tells her that she is his favourite. Bob tells her that weird things happen in his house and she falls asleep on his couch. She wakes up during the night and thinks that she sees something weird. It's the mother and she isn't happy. She kills Bob and then Janice kills the mother.The nightmare ends with Bob calling over to her house dressed as his mother, ready to kill.

Douglas thinks that it is crap. Lacey begins with her nightmare. It is about her begging on the street outside a store. The owner tells her to move off. She is in a coffee shop when she meets a mysterious young  man called Jason (Logan Lopez). He tells her that he thinks that she is meant for more in life. He has some connection to another world and he knows things about her. He tells her that he is part of a community and that she should come and see what it's about. She goes to a meeting. It looks a bit like a cult. Jason tells her that it is a new world order and he wants her to join. She isn't sure but she gets convinced to join. She meets the other members who are women. They have the shop owner who dissed her earlier and they have knives. Jason tells her that the guy is a paedophile and then Lacey kills him. Afterwards, she is unsure about what happened. She decides that it is not for her and she wants out. She goes to a priest and tells him what she has done. Jason is there and he wants her to pay for her sins. The story ends with her thinking that she saw Jason at the train station.

Next up is Mike who is a writer and he dreams of his mother and father. They have tickets to go to a concert and they need Mike to look after his dad's boss' cabin while he is away. The boss' daughter will be there and Mike just needs to look out for her. The boss is worried about his ex-wife showing up and causing trouble. Mike meets the boss, Nate(Ed Reed III) and Nate tells him that the ex-wife might try and get to the daughter, Crystal(Avery Nodland). He shows Mike a video of Bigfoot that he has and warns him that he might show up too!! Mike goes to cabin and meets he daughter. Lot of things happen and Bigfoot does show up and kill the ex-wife. Mike and Crystal try and take it on. He gets knocked out and wakes up to see his parents and Nate. Nate was dressed as Bigfoot. Crystal is dead and his parents want him dead.

The station guy tells them that he is arranging a hotel for them.Douglas comes forward with his nightmare. He dreams about an interview that he is having . He gets on well with the boss but is told that he is too old for the job. The guy tells him that there is an opportunity for him to make some money in a different way. He jumps at the chance and he arrives at a building and meets a guy called Lance(Jacob Moon). They have to enter information into a computer. Douglas thinks that the information is about serial killers. Doug and Lance chat about life . Doug decides that he needs a break to get something to eat. The guard outside stops him from leaving. There are no breaks at the job. Douglas gets pissed . There is a killer on the loose in the building and he kills the guard. Their cell phones won't work and they try to get to the roof for help. Lance gets killed and Doug is confronted by killers. The boss turns up and tells him that he is disgusting. He was given a chance to be good, but he failed. Douglas has a change of heart and he apologises to the station manager for being so rude. They all go to meet the van provided by the station. Jason shows up. He is taking them away for their sins. Janice slept with her students, Mike is a rapist, Lacey stole from her grandma and Doug is a hater. The Devil has come to take them...

This was an entertaining movie. I like the anthology style of the movie and there are some good scenes in this. If you enjoy horror stories, then this will be for you. It is good fun and I would recommend it. I liked the characters and the nasty Doug was entertaining. Check out the Facebook page here. This is well worth a watch and I will give it an 8/10.


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