Friday, November 13, 2015

The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 3

Last episode, everything was turned upside down. This episode begins with Rick and the others on the outside. They hear the noise coming from Alexandria. Rick goes off to deal with the walkers and tells the others to get back to Alexandria. Glenn and Michonne are trying to lead the group but they are useless at fighting. One of them gets bitten. Daryl, Abraham and Sasha are still trying to lead the group of walkers away.Glenn and co. end up in a town ahead of the herd of walkers. Nicholas knows the area so he leads the way.They duck into a pet shop for cover from the walkers. They need to get out of town without getting overrun by the walkers. Glenn has a plan to set a fire to stop the walkers. He radios Rick and tells him what's happening.

Michonne talks to Heath about what Rick said about leaving them behind if they can't keep up. She tells him that they have to stick together if they want to make it. They look out and see lots of walkers outside and they decide to make a run for it, but the herd catches up with them and there are loads of walkers outside. Michonne and the others try to escape. One of them gets eaten. They get boxed in.
Glenn and Nicholas are surrounded too. Michonne almost gets caught but another in the group sacrifices himself as he was already bitten.

Nicholas and Glenn are in an awful situation and it looks very bleak for them as they are surrounded by walkers.Nicholas breaks down and Glenn tries to bring him around. He shoots himself in the head. Glenn falls into the herd and gets eaten. I didn't see that coming! Poor Glenn. I am surprised that they killed off a lead character. Rick has a Winnebago and Daryl is heading to help him. Rick is attacked by men. He shoots them. There are more of them. He shoots at them too. Michonne and the others come back to Alexandria and see what has happened. Daryl goes back to Sasha and Abraham and leads the walkers away. Rick is stuck as his Winnebago won't start.Walkers spill out from the bushes and surround the van.

This was a surprising episode. I didn't expect Glenn to get killed off(if he is dead) and things look really bad for Rick, I hope that he doesn't get killed too. We shall see...
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