Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 4

This episode begins with a flashback to Morgan before he arrived in Alexandria. He is living in his house and he is going a bit mad. Cut to Morgan killing walkers and burning them.He sets up booby traps to catch the walkers. He has his staff and he hears a voice talking to him.  He gets hit over the head by some strange guy who imprisons him in a cage. Morgan wants him to kill him but the guy won't. He throws in a book and tells him that his name is Eastman(John Carroll Lynch). They talk about life etc. He watches him practice with his staff. Eastman tells him that he is a psychiatrist. Morgan tells him that he kills to survive.

Morgan tries to escape from the prison. He talks to Eastman about the things he has done. Eastman tells him that he has PTSD and that he doesn't need to kill. Eastman tells him that he can stay or go.
Morgan goes out and attacks him. Eastman fights back and Morgan has to give up. Morgan goes back into the cell. They chat . Morgan reads the book about peace. Morgan helps Eastman bury the dead walkers. Eastman hands him a staff. They both start to get along living together.

Eastman teaches him how to fight with the staff. A walker comes along and Morgan freezes. Eastman saves him and gets bitten. Morgan is furious with him. Eastman tells him that he can stay in the house as long as he wants but he will be alone. Eastman is ready to die. Morgan heads off after burying Eastman. He finds the sign for Terminus and heads off. Morgan is telling his story to the killer who tells him that he wanted to find medicine to help the bite that he has. He tells Morgan that if he doesn't die, he will kill him and everyone in Alexandria. Morgan locks him into a house and leaves him there.

This episode was somewhat unusual in that it is about just one character and none of the main cast are in it. It was not a brilliant episode but  I suppose it is showing us why Morgan is like he is...
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