Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Christmas from Jigsaw's Lair

It's that time of year again and it is time to relax and enjoy the Christmas holidays. To all of our readers and followers, Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year. We hope that you will continue to enjoy our blog and we will keep writing and giving our opinions on everything. This year was a good one for TV shows. There was The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, The Blacklist, Sleepy Hollow, Penny Dreadful and True Detective. There were plenty of movies this year to choose from. 
I can't really think of one movie made this year that I really liked so I will leave it at that.

I am going to enjoy watching Black Christmas(1974) on Christmas Day. I love that movie and it really is the best Christmas horror movie in my opinion. Enjoy Christmas and thanks for supporting our blog this year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 6

Daryl and the group are heading along leading the walkers away when they are shot at by unknown assailants. Sasha and Abraham return fire and Daryl drives away. He ends up in the woods where he falls from his bike. He tries to get in contact with Abraham but he can't. He's hurt and he finds two girls alone in the woods. He gets hit from behind. He wakes up tied up. Some guy pulls a gun on him and tells him to get up and get moving. They tell him that they might hand him over to 'them'. They tell Daryl that they set the woods on fire and killed loads of walkers. They thought that everyone was fighting the walkers but they didn't realise that everyone was dead. They think that Daryl is with the
bad guys.

They are searching for one of their group. They see walkers everywhere and they think that she is dead. Daryl grabs their bag and runs. He tries to make contact with Abraham but to no avail. He gets his crossbow back and finds insulin in the bag. Sasha and Abraham wonder why the people fired on them. They think that they were waiting for someone else. They try and get in touch with Daryl. They wonder where he is. Sasha thinks that they should stay put for the moment. Abraham finds a military uniform. Sasha and Abraham have a chat about life.

Daryl returns the insulin to the group. A truck appears in the woods and people tell them that they have to go back with them. Daryl helps them run. The group wonder why he came back to save them. Abraham finds rocket launchers but he has to wrestle with a walker to get the gun. He can't kill it. It falls off and leaves the grenade launcher. He takes it back to Sasha. Abraham likes Sasha and he wants to get to know her better. Daryl and co go back to their base, but it is all destroyed. One of their group gets bitten and dies. Daryl tells them about Alexandria. The guy pulls a gun on Daryl again. They take his bike and head off, Daryl is pissed off. He finds a truck and goes to collect Abraham and Sasha. They hear a cry for help on the radio.

This was a good episode with some new characters. I am looking forward to the next episode!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Amanda's Horror Years- 1989

It's been a while, but my horror years is back. This time, I have decided to look at 1989 and the horror movies that were released this year. Some were good, some bad and some just okay.

I suppose that I should begin with the most popular ones first. Pet Sematary was released this year and it is based on the book of the same name by Stephen King. It is about a strange cemetery where people who are buried in it come back to life with awful results. I liked the book, so I also enjoyed the movie. It was one of the better King adaptations. There was a sequel, but the less said about that, the better. Puppet Master was also out this year and was full of weirdness and fun, especially with the doll who releases leeches on a poor unsuspecting man and a puppet with a tiny head and big body. Creepy puppets! Not a bad movie, but it wouldn't be one of my favourites.Warlock was a very good movie also out this year and I really liked it. Julian Sands is the warlock in this movie and Lori Singer is the waitress who falls foul of him. It is great fun. 976-EVIL is a movie about a guy who calls Satan direct!!!It is good fun. Shocker was a worthy offering from Wes Craven this year. 

Anthony Perkins starred in Edge of Sanity, a twist on the Jekyll and Hyde story and with shades of Jack the Ripper mixed in. It is an okay movie, but not great. I am a fan of Perkins, but this wasn't his best movie. After Midnight was a horror anthology with some interesting stories. Clownhouse was a horror movie featuring some freaky clowns. I find clowns creepy at the best of times but this makes for uncomfortable viewing. Another creature feature was Elves which is perfect for this time of year. Evil elves who want to start a master race! What is not to like about that?Killer Crocodile is self explanatory. Intruder was another horror/thriller about a killer stalking employees of a supermarket.

Some of the sequels from this year were A Nightmare on Elm Street 5:The Dream Child which I have reviewed here. Amityville 4:The Evil Escapes, Chud 2, The Exorcist 3, Friday the 13th part 8, Halloween 5 and Silent Night, Deadly Night 3 were all released in this year as was The Stepfather 2, which I enjoyed and Sleepaway Camp 3:Teenage Wasteland which was a good slasher flick. All of these sequels were pretty good with the exception of The Exorcist 3 and Howling 5 which I found a bit mediocre.

Lastly, the movies that I haven't seen yet or just didn't like. The Church was supposed to be a sequel in the Demons series but I didn't see much connection with the first two movies which I really liked. Night Life is a zombie movie but I haven't seen it yet.Society was a horror/sci-fi movie which was okay, but nothing special. That's all the movies that I have time for now. If you think that there are any I have missed or are worth a look, let me know!

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 5

This episode begins with Rick returning to Alexandria followed by a herd of walkers.He gets inside and tells everyone to be quiet and not to draw attention to them.Aaron tells everyone that it was he who let the Wolves know about Alexandria and people are worried. Maggie is desperate to find Glenn and is going to set off on her own but Aaron stops her and tells her that he will go with her. They try and escape through the sewers but find that the walkers have the exit surrounded. They cannot escape and Maggie is upset. She tells Aaron that she is pregnant.

Denise, the doctor is having a crisis of faith as she tries to save one of the townsfolk. Tara goes to talk to her and she gets her to try harder and not give up.She finds a medical journal and she looks at it to see if she can do something to help the injured person and she can. She kisses Tara. The townsfolk decide that they need to fight if they are to survive. Deanna decides that she cannot lead the people anymore and she hands power over to Rick. She goes over to the gate but doesn't notice that there is a crack in it and blood is getting in.Not good!

A good episode. Not that much happened,but it sets up the mid season finale.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Velvet Touch Movie Review 376

The Velvet Touch is a 1948 thriller directed by Jack Gage and starring Rosalind Russell, Claire Trevor, Leon Ames and Leo Genn.

Russell plays an actress called Valerie Stanton who is a big success on Broadway. She wants to do her own thing and go her own way, but her producer and old flame Gordon Dunning(Ames) won't let her go. She has met another man called Michael Morrell(Genn) and she wants to start a new life with him. Valerie also wants to stop acting in comedies and take a serious role in a play to show that she can but he wants her to do more of the same. She comes up to his office one evening and they argue about it. She tries to get him to let her do what she wants, but he will never let her and she ends up hitting him over the head with a statue and killing him. She panics and runs off. An ex-lover of Gordon's called Marian(Trevor) goes to see him and finds the body.

She goes back to her apartment and she doesn't know what to do. Did anyone see her? She tries to continue on as normal. She talks to Michael but doesn't tell him what has happened. The film has flashbacks of her relationship with Gordon and Michael.The next day, the police come to the theatre and get all of the cast from the play that Valerie had been working on and questions them. The detective in charge is called  Captain Danbury(Sydney Longstreet) and he questions everyone in the theatre. The police point the finger of suspicion at Marian who was the one who discovered the body. They know that she was in love with Gordon but that he loved Valerie and they think that she killed him. What they don't know is that Valerie and Marian made a pact. Valerie wanted Marian to take Gordon away from her and she was going to go away with Michael. She and Marian decided this but Gordon would not let go of Valerie.

Valerie cannot believe that she is in the clear. Marian is going to take the fall. Marian ends up in hospital and she goes to visit her. Marian is at a very low ebb and she is going to take the fall. Valerie feels terrible about this and tells people that Marian couldn't have killed Gordon. She discovers from the police later that Marian has killed herself and this ends the investigation into the murder. Danbury talks to Valerie and it seems that he might not be convinced that Marian did it. Valerie gets ready for her new play and Captain Danbury is in the audience. She plays her part to acclaim and at the end, she hands herself over to Danbury.

This was a good movie with an interesting story. I liked the characters in it and the detective was very good. This was interesting in that we know who the killer is from the start and we just have to wait until the police find out. Very entertaining. I will give it a 7/10.

Friday, December 4, 2015

American Horror Story, Season 5, Episode 1

American Horror Story:Hotel is the fifth season of the show. I wasn't too impressed when I heard that Lady Gaga was in it. I am no fan of hers and I think that that was putting me off watching it, but I did anyway as I enjoyed the other seasons.

The first episode begins with two young women checking into the Hotel Cortez. They are greeted by a strange looking woman called Iris(Kathy Bates) who is at reception. They look around the hotel and realise that it is very old fashioned and strange. She shows them to their room and they settle in. They see visions in the hallways of a maid covered in blood and strange children(Does anyone think that the hotel looks strangely like the Overlook from The Shining? The carpet looks strangely similar and the children standing in the hallways-come on!!) They smell something rotten in the room. It seems to be coming from the mattress so they decide to cut it open. There is some weird being inside it. They run down to reception and they call the cops. Iris puts them into another room where strange things happen.   

Enter John Lowe(Wes Bentley), a homicide detective. His son disappeared years ago and his relationship with his wife, Alex(Chloe Sevigny) is not good. He hears about the hotel from an anonymous call and he goes over there to see what is up,meets a strange cross dresser called Liz Taylor(Denis O'Hare) and is taken to room 64 where the two girls were killed. For some reason, he falls asleep and sees a child in his dreams and he thinks that it is his missing son.The owner of the hotel is called Elizabeth(Gaga) and she and Iris's son Donovan(Matt Bomer) bring people back to the hotel for sex and then they slit their throats and take their blood. A man checks into room 64 and he meets some sort of demon who sodomises him with a sharpened dildo. A woman called Sally(Sarah Paulson) appears to him and asks him to tell her that he loves her. The two young women are in cages and they are being given some sort of drink by Iris. Sally arrives and lets one go, but the girl is caught by Elizabeth who kills her.

The rest of the episode is about John's son who is at the hotel for some reason. Then it cuts to Iris who followed her son and Sally to the hotel years ago and saw that Sally wanted him to take drugs. Iris got mad and pushed her out of the window and killed her. Then Iris met Elizabeth who took a fancy to Donovan. John ends his marriage and moves into room 64 of the hotel.

The first episode of this was OK. I wasn't enthralled or repulsed. It was a bit confusing and, as I said, it looked like the hotel from The Shining and there were more references to that hotel in the episode too like the children standing in the corridors and the 'room 64', which reminded me of room 237 in the film. Anyway, I will wait and see how the rest of the series develops...

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