Sunday, December 20, 2015

Amanda's Horror Years- 1989

It's been a while, but my horror years is back. This time, I have decided to look at 1989 and the horror movies that were released this year. Some were good, some bad and some just okay.

I suppose that I should begin with the most popular ones first. Pet Sematary was released this year and it is based on the book of the same name by Stephen King. It is about a strange cemetery where people who are buried in it come back to life with awful results. I liked the book, so I also enjoyed the movie. It was one of the better King adaptations. There was a sequel, but the less said about that, the better. Puppet Master was also out this year and was full of weirdness and fun, especially with the doll who releases leeches on a poor unsuspecting man and a puppet with a tiny head and big body. Creepy puppets! Not a bad movie, but it wouldn't be one of my favourites.Warlock was a very good movie also out this year and I really liked it. Julian Sands is the warlock in this movie and Lori Singer is the waitress who falls foul of him. It is great fun. 976-EVIL is a movie about a guy who calls Satan direct!!!It is good fun. Shocker was a worthy offering from Wes Craven this year. 

Anthony Perkins starred in Edge of Sanity, a twist on the Jekyll and Hyde story and with shades of Jack the Ripper mixed in. It is an okay movie, but not great. I am a fan of Perkins, but this wasn't his best movie. After Midnight was a horror anthology with some interesting stories. Clownhouse was a horror movie featuring some freaky clowns. I find clowns creepy at the best of times but this makes for uncomfortable viewing. Another creature feature was Elves which is perfect for this time of year. Evil elves who want to start a master race! What is not to like about that?Killer Crocodile is self explanatory. Intruder was another horror/thriller about a killer stalking employees of a supermarket.

Some of the sequels from this year were A Nightmare on Elm Street 5:The Dream Child which I have reviewed here. Amityville 4:The Evil Escapes, Chud 2, The Exorcist 3, Friday the 13th part 8, Halloween 5 and Silent Night, Deadly Night 3 were all released in this year as was The Stepfather 2, which I enjoyed and Sleepaway Camp 3:Teenage Wasteland which was a good slasher flick. All of these sequels were pretty good with the exception of The Exorcist 3 and Howling 5 which I found a bit mediocre.

Lastly, the movies that I haven't seen yet or just didn't like. The Church was supposed to be a sequel in the Demons series but I didn't see much connection with the first two movies which I really liked. Night Life is a zombie movie but I haven't seen it yet.Society was a horror/sci-fi movie which was okay, but nothing special. That's all the movies that I have time for now. If you think that there are any I have missed or are worth a look, let me know!


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