Monday, January 4, 2016

The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 7

This episode begins with Glenn who manages to survive getting chomped by walkers. Nicholas is not so lucky. He creeps underneath a dumpster and somehow he lives. When the walkers move along, he meets Enid from Alexandria and she gives him water. She tells him about the Wolves attack and tells him that she isn't going back. She runs off. Cut to Alexandria and Rick wants to reinforce the walls after finding a bloody bullet hole in it. He talks to Ron who is Jessie's son and tells him that he will teach him to shoot. Ron wants to go shooting but Rick tells him no as there are walkers everywhere.
Ron steals bullets from the armoury. Morgan and Rick butt heads over Morgan letting the Wolves get away.

Glenn and Enid meet up again and decide to go back to Alexandria. Enid finds balloons and uses them to distract walkers. They get back but find that Alexandria is surrounded by walkers and they can't get in. Carol discovers that Morgan is hiding something and decides to find out what it is.
Ron is going to attack Carl with the gun when everyone sees the balloons and realise that it is a sign from Glenn. Just then, the walls begin to collapse and the walkers arrive. This was an interesting episode setting up the mid season finale...Glenn is alive after all, but the fate of Alexandria does not look good.


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