Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 8

Last episode, the walls were going to crumble in Alexandria. Glenn and Enid had returned but couldn't get inside as there were walkers everywhere. When the walkers enter, everyone runs and splits up. Maggie goes up a ladder to escape. Eugene gets saved by Rosita and Tara. The rest run to Jessie's house to hide. Unfortunately, they discover that Deanna has been bitten by a walker and that there is no hope for her. She knows that she is on the way out. Ron attacks Carl at the worst possible time and draws walkers to the house. The group has to hide upstairs.

Morgan and Carol hide in his house. The doctor, Denise is left alone with the Wolves member that he left alive for some stupid reason. Carol finds him and tries to kill him, but she is stopped by Morgan.
He knocks her out and then gets knocked out himself by the baddie. Tara and the others come by just in time to see the baddie take Denise hostage.He now has a gun and he walks outside with his hostage.Morgan is such a fool to have left him alive.

Glenn and Enid go into Alexandria and find Maggie trapped up high. Rick and the group have to leave Deanna in the house. She understands and she has a gun to end it all. They have to cover themselves in walker guts to get out as they need to walk among the dead to get away. Jessie's son Sam is scared and I think that he is going to mess everything up. They walk among the dead, but the son calls for his mother and we don't know if he has caused the walkers to see them. There is a little bit at the end where Daryl, Sasha and Abraham get stopped by men with guns. They have to hand over their stuff and the men tell them that their belongings are not theirs anymore. Sasha asks whose they are and they are told that they are Negan's so this introduces the next baddie. Very exciting episode and I am looking forward to seeing the next half of the season next month.


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