Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Dorm that Dripped Blood Movie Review 385

The Dorm that Dripped Blood a.k.a. Pranks is a 1982 horror movie directed by Stephen Carpenter and Jeffrey Obrow and starring Laurie Lapinski, Daphne Zuniga and Stephen Sachs.

Joanne(Lapinski) is a college student who is clearing out a dormitory in her college which is being demolished. She has to pack everything up and make sure that the place is ready within two weeks.
She has the help of her friends Brian( David Snow), Craig(Sachs),Patty(Pamela Holland) and Debbie(Zuniga). What they don't know is that there is a killer on campus who is disposing of the college kids. The group are working away, but Debbie has to leave as her parents are collecting her to take her home. Her parents are waiting for her in their car when her dad decides to walk around o find her. He is killed and her mother is killed too. She is killed by an unknown person and dragged away.

There is a local weirdo on campus too. He is called John(Woody Roll) and he is living there when he should not be. He appears and disappears and he unnerves everyone with his creepiness. They try and tell him to get out of the dorm, but he doesn't leave. They think that he is up to something weird. When they hear noises they think that it is John. They call the cops and tell them. The cops tell them that they will check in on them later. Joanne meets a guy called Bobby who is buying some tables from her and he likes her. 

When Brian disappears and is found dead and Patty is cooked alive in a pressure cooker, Joanne and Craig are left to battle with the killer. They think that it is John and they manage to kill him between them. But, Joanne gets the surprise of her life when Craig reveals that the killer is HIM. He loves her and he kills anyone who gets close to her. He chases her and she tries to escape. Bobby turns up looking for her and she tells him what is going on. The cops show up too. Craig tells them that BOBBY is the killer and they shoot him. He manages to get Joanne and throw her into the incinerator and his guilt goes unknown.

This movie was not bad, but it is a bit thin plot wise. I liked it though and it did keep me watching so that is good. There are no frills here and the acting isn't great, but if you are looking for a cheap horror movie, then this will entertain you. I will give it a 5/10.


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