Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 13

Last time, Carol and Maggie were taken hostage by The Saviors. This episode tells that story. Carol and Maggie are with their captors who happen to be three women-Paula(Alicia Witt),Michelle and Molly. They see Rick capture their man Primo. They tell Rick that they have the two women and Rick tries to make a deal with them. Carol and Maggie are taken to a building where they are put into a room with the three women. Paula is talking to reinforcements over the radio and Carol pretends to be a harmless woman who doesn't know anything about killing or death. They are tied up. Their captors discover that Maggie is pregnant.

Carol and Maggie talk to their captors and Carol tries to tell them that there doesn't have to be any more killing. Paula thinks that she is an idiot who is terrified. Carol manages to get herself free and she releases Carol. They have no choice but to shoot their captors and Carol kills the reinforcements. They run outside and find Rick and the others. They are shaken up by their ordeal and Carol seems to be cracking up a bit. Rick asks Primo who is Negan and he tells Rick that he is. Rick kills him. Carol is shocked.

This was a good episode. I am not sure that I like the way that Carol's character is heading.She is a tough woman and that is good. I hope that they don't mess that up.


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