Thursday, April 28, 2016

Halloween 2 Movie Review 389

Halloween 2 is a 1981 horror movie sequel to the original Halloween(1978). It is directed by Rick Rosenthal and is written and produced by John Carpenter and Debra Hill who were responsible for the original movie. It stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence.

The movie carries on from the where the first film left off. Michael Myers is supposed to be dead, but we all know that he isn't. Laurie(Curtis) is taken to the local hospital after what happened to her and Dr. Loomis(Pleasence) is still looking for Michael. Michael is wandering around Haddonfield and he manages to get himself a knife and he kills someone on his travels. He discovers that Laurie has been brought to the hospital and decides to go there and finish her off. She talks to a paramedic called Jimmy(Lance Guest) and they become friends.

Michael arrives at the hospital and he cuts the phone lines. He kills lots of the hospital staff. Laurie knows that he is coming for her and she is paralysed with fear. Michael knows that she is in the hospital and will stop at nothing to get at her. Loomis is confronted by a colleague and a marshal who are going to take him away to an institution because hey think that he is obsessed with Myers. They talk about Myers and Loomis finds out that Laurie is Michael's sister and that is why he is going to kill her. Loomis gets the Marshal to drive to the hospital where Laurie is. He thinks that Michael is there.

Michael chases Laurie as she tries to escape. She makes it outside and Michael comes for her. Loomis and the others get to her in time and Loomis goes after Michael. He shoots him and they think that he is dead, but he isn't. He kills the marshal and chases after Loomis and Laurie. He stabs Loomis and he gets shot by Laurie this time- does this guy ever die?? Loomis manages to ignite gas and cause an explosion and sets Michael on fire and the guy FINALLY dies! The movie ends with Laurie being taken away seeing Michael's smouldering body.

This was an enjoyable sequel and although it was not as good as the original, I liked the way that it followed on from the first story. Michael is still creepy and the atmosphere is tense also. I think that this is the best sequel in the series.I will give it a 7/10.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Lemon Tree Passage Movie Review 388

Lemon Tree Passage is a 2014 Australian horror movie starring Jessica Tovey, Nicholas Gunn, Pippa Black and Tim Phillipps. It is directed by David James Campbell.

The movie begins with five tourists who decide to go to a road called Lemon Tree Passage. There is an urban legend about a ghost who haunts the road. A man was knocked down by a group of teens in the road. They left him to die there. He is the ghost who haunts the road. The group consists of Americans Maya(Tovey), Amelia(Black) and Toby(Tim Pocock) who are shown to the spot by Aussies Oscar(Andrew Ryan) and Geordie(Phillipps). They go back to their house and weird things start to happen. Maya thinks that she sees things. She has nightmares.  They decide to go back to the road again and Oscar disappears. They call his phone and look for him, but nothing happens. They discover him in the boot of their car. They try and call the cops for help but they can't.

Maya finds Oscar's phone and she keeps it. Oscar disappears from the boot. Toby has vanished too.
Toby is found dead by the others. Maya sees a dead girl who was missing. She follows her into the woods. Geordie's brother, Sam(Gunn)comes along too and he is very dodgy. Everything gets confusing from this point. Visions appear and people die and it's a bit messy.The ending is left up to you to sum up and I summed it up pretty quickly. This movie was not good and it was messy to say the least.There are lots of jumps and scares but not much else. There are a few Australian soap stars in this. Jessica Tovey starred in Home and Away, Pippa Black starred in Neighbours, as did Tim Phillips and Nicholas Gunn. They aren't bad actors, but the movie isn't great. I will give it a 4/10.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Curse of The Werewolf Movie Review 387

The Curse of the Werewolf is a 1961 Hammer horror movie directed by Terence Fisher and starring Oliver Reed(in his first credited role).

The movie is set in Spain in the 18th century. A beggar comes to the house of  a Marques at his wedding feast and he is humiliated and thrown in jail by the evil Marques(Anthony Dawson). He languishes there for years and begins to turn into some sort of animal. His only human contact is with his jailers daughter. She ends up in the jail cell with the beggar who rapes her. She escapes from the prison and she finds herself pregnant. She is taken in by Don Alfredo Corledo(Clifford Evans) and his housekeeper Teresa. The baby is born and she dies, leaving Don Alfredo and Teresa to bring the child up. They call him Leon. He is not a normal child and he has a taste for blood.

Don Alfredo and Teresa know that he is cursed as his mother was raped and he was born on Christmas Day. Cut to years later and Leon(now played by Reed) is off to find his place in the world. He goes to look for work at a vineyard. Here he meets his boss Gomez(Ewen Solon) and his beautiful daughter Cristina(Catherine Feller). They fall in love, even though she has a fiancee. Unfortunately, Leon goes out with his pal one night and kills people. He has turned into a werewolf! He gets thrown in jail as the police think that he has had something to do with the murders. He calls for Don Alfredo and the mayor and begs them to execute him before he changes. They don't and he changes into a werewolf and breaks out of the jail. He runs amok in the town and the villagers try and get him. Don Alfredo has a silver bullet and he goes after his son and shoots him dead even though it breaks his heart.

This was an okay movie. The only reason I really watched it is because I like Oliver Reed and he is good in this film. Otherwise, this is mediocre. So, be warned that there isn't much to this but if you are a Hammer fan, you might enjoy it. I will give it a 5/10.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 15

The last time, Carol had left Alexandria because it was all getting too much for her. So, this episode begins with her being caught by a group of Saviors. They think that she is just a weak woman and they mess with her. She has a gun, along with her rosary beads and she pulls it out and shoots them all- or so she thinks. She hasn't killed one and he attacks her with a knife. She escapes and takes off.
Rick and the others see her note and decide to go after her and bring her back. Daryl heads off alone without telling the others. Glenn, Michonne and Rosita follow him. Rick and Morgan head to find Carol. Morgan tells Rick to head back and he will find Carol alone.

Daryl is after Dwight because he killed Denise and he and Rosita look for him. Michonne and Glenn
split from them and get captured by The Saviors. Maggie is with Enid who cuts her hair short when Maggie collapses in agony. Daryl and Rosita manage to get themselves captured by The Saviors which does not bode well. You can really see that this is leading to a showdown between Negan and Rick's group....

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Gorgon Movie Review 386

 The Gorgon is a 1964 Hammer horror movie directed by Terence Fisher and starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.

In Germany in the 1900's, there is a village called Vandorf and there are a large amount of murders in the area. There is a creepy Castle in the area and all of the locals are afraid to go anywhere near it.
A young man called Bruno Heitz is with her girlfriend when they have an argument. She runs off into the forest and sees something horrific. She is killed and the locals blame Bruno for it. He is found hanging from a tree and the inquest says that he killed her and then himself. Doctor Namaroff(Peter Cushing) signs off on it, but he looks shifty. His assistant is Carla(Barbara Shelley) and she finds that the body of the young girl who was killed has turned into stone. There is a legend going around that the Gorgon called Megaera who has snakes coming out of her head is in the village and she is at the castle. She kills people by turning them to stone when they look at her. She has assumed human form so who is she?

Bruno's father turns up and wants to investigate what happened, but he too sees something horrible and turns into stone but not before writing a letter to his son telling him what is going on. Paul Heitz (Richard Pasco)turns up in Vandorf and wants answers about what happened to his brother Bruno and his dad. Dr. Namaroff is not giving anything away. He seems to know something, but will not help Paul to find out what is going on. The local Inspector Kanof(Patrick Troughton) is not too keen on Paul digging around.

Paul's friend is Professor Karl Meister(Lee) and he comes to Vandorf to see what is going on. Paul has seen something horrible near the castle and ended up in hospital. He has aged too. He has also fallen in love with Carla. He wants to take her away but she can't go. Namaroff is in love with her too and he doesn't want to let her go. He knows something about her and he is protecting her. Meister tells Paul that he thinks that Megaera is inside Carla. Paul doesn't believe it. He meets Carla and he wants her to go to Leipzig to wait for him and they can be together. Meister tells Paul that she will not leave Vandorf as she is Megaera. Namaroff turns up looking for Carla and they all end up at the castle. Namaroff and Paul fight over Carla and Megaera shows up. Namaroff looks at her and dies. Paul sees her too. Meister chops off her head and Paul sees her turning back into Carla before he dies.

This was entertaining and good fun to watch. I liked the cast and even though the special effects are not the best(they are really bad!), I really enjoyed watching this movie and I recommend it to Hammer fans. I will give it 7/10.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 14

This episode begins with all of the characters reflecting after their slaughter of The Saviors. Carol is not happy about what is happening. Daryl tells her that he wishes that he had killed the people who held him captive and took his crossbow in an earlier episode. Denise goes with Rosita and Daryl to get some supplies. They go to the pharmacy where Denise sees things that disgust her. Abraham and Eugene are looking around and Eugene tells him that he wants to make ammo. Abraham steps in to save him when a walker attacks. Eugene thinks that he can look after himself so Abraham leaves him to it.

Denise and the others have an altercation with a walker and Denise manages to kill it and she is happy. Suddenly, she is shot through the eye with a crossbow. She dies instantly. Daryl and Rosita are devastated and Dwight emerges from the bushes with a posse. He has Eugene captured too. He wants Daryl to lead them to Alexandria. Abraham sees this from the bushes. Eugene tells Dwight that they have back up and when they go to see, he bites Dwight in the crotch. This gives them a chance to get their guns and a fight happens. They manage to kill a few of The Saviors and Dwight has to flee.  Daryl and the others make it back to Alexandria where Daryl buries Denise. Abraham tells Sasha that he likes her and he makes up with Eugene. The episode ends with Tobin reading a goodbye letter from Carol who is going off alone for some reason. What the hell is going on with her character? It is very annoying...

Friday, April 1, 2016

Amanda's Horror Years- 1992

1992 was an interesting year for horror movies but I wouldn't say that it was the best. Firstly I will begin with a movie that I enjoyed when it was originally released. Bram Stoker's Dracula was directed  by Francis Ford Coppola and starred Gary Oldman in the lead role, with Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder co starring. There was a great cast and I really enjoyed it. It was a box office success unlike a lot of the other horror movies from this year, but, being a fan of the book, this was a good adaptation in my opinion. Keanu Reeves looked lost in this film, but apart from that, it was well made and enjoyable.Another favourite of mine from this year is Sleepwalkers based on a screenplay by Stephen King and directed by Mick Garris who has directed many King adaptations. It starred Alice Krige and Brian Krause as vampires who can turn into creatures. They are mother and son and they are living in a small town. Charles meets a young woman, played by Madchen Amick and he wants her so that he can drain her life force. She fights him and then all hell breaks loose. It is a good movie and I enjoyed it. It isn't one of the better known King adaptations, but good fun!

Another King story adapted this year is Lawnmower Man starring Pierce Brosnan and Jeff Fahey. I liked this, even though King did not and sued to get his name taken off of it. It is an entertaining movie nonetheless.Candyman was released this year and while it is not one of my all time favourites, it is a good movie. It is adapted from a story by Clive Barker and Virginia Madsen stars in the lead role. Dolly Dearest and Demonic Toys were released this year too. I find those weird dolls creepy anyway so this was a creepy movie, while not great. Demonic Toys had some creepy moments too and those toys are weird! It's not a brilliant film, but fun anyway. More movies released are Braindead, Dust Devil, Raising Cain, The Resurrected and Netherworld.

Sequels were many this year. Let's start with Army of Darkness. This is the third movie in the Evil Dead series. It is really entertaining and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Some other sequels which were not so great are Hellraiser 3, Pet Semetary 2, ,Waxwork 2. Amityville:It's About Time is the sixth movie in the Amityville series. It wasn't a bad movie, but as the sequels roll on, the quality declines. Stepfather 3 was so so and not one that I would watch again. House 4 was okay, but nothing special. Prom Night was still making sequels in this year and this time it was Prom Night 4- the last movie in the series. It was better to end it here as the movies got worse as they went along. The Gate 2 was not really worth watching. Basket Case 3 was not great either in my opinion.

So there you have it- my selection of films from 1992. Some good, some bad, some mediocre, but all horror! Enjoy!

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