Saturday, April 23, 2016

Lemon Tree Passage Movie Review 388

Lemon Tree Passage is a 2014 Australian horror movie starring Jessica Tovey, Nicholas Gunn, Pippa Black and Tim Phillipps. It is directed by David James Campbell.

The movie begins with five tourists who decide to go to a road called Lemon Tree Passage. There is an urban legend about a ghost who haunts the road. A man was knocked down by a group of teens in the road. They left him to die there. He is the ghost who haunts the road. The group consists of Americans Maya(Tovey), Amelia(Black) and Toby(Tim Pocock) who are shown to the spot by Aussies Oscar(Andrew Ryan) and Geordie(Phillipps). They go back to their house and weird things start to happen. Maya thinks that she sees things. She has nightmares.  They decide to go back to the road again and Oscar disappears. They call his phone and look for him, but nothing happens. They discover him in the boot of their car. They try and call the cops for help but they can't.

Maya finds Oscar's phone and she keeps it. Oscar disappears from the boot. Toby has vanished too.
Toby is found dead by the others. Maya sees a dead girl who was missing. She follows her into the woods. Geordie's brother, Sam(Gunn)comes along too and he is very dodgy. Everything gets confusing from this point. Visions appear and people die and it's a bit messy.The ending is left up to you to sum up and I summed it up pretty quickly. This movie was not good and it was messy to say the least.There are lots of jumps and scares but not much else. There are a few Australian soap stars in this. Jessica Tovey starred in Home and Away, Pippa Black starred in Neighbours, as did Tim Phillips and Nicholas Gunn. They aren't bad actors, but the movie isn't great. I will give it a 4/10.


Tony Briley said...

Good review as usual. I saw this one, gave it a 5 at best with a 4 being more deserving. It got confusing and I just never could get really interested in it.

Amanda said...

Yes some of these horror movies have no real plot.they are forgettable!

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