Sunday, May 8, 2016

My Favourite TV shows of 2016!

I am an avid TV watcher and obviously I don't just watch horror all of the time. At the moment, we are spoiled for choice with great TV shows. Some TV shows are as good as movies in the production and the special effects. Let me just go through my favourites at the moment.

My first one will be The Walking Dead, of course. I have followed this from the first episode way back in 2010 and it has been consistently good. I liked it from the beginning. I think that some of the characters have been so so over the years, but I like most of the core group. Rick has turned from a total wuss into a leader who is bad ass now. I enjoyed all of the storyline with The Governor and now I am looking forward to the struggle that the group will have with Negan. This is my favourite show at the moment. Next is Penny Dreadful which is a great show with a very talented cast. Eva Green, Josh Hartnett and Timothy Dalton star in this Gothic TV show which hosts a load of literary characters such as Dracula, Frankenstein, Dorian Gray and Dr Jekyll. I love the strangeness and the creepiness of this show and there are some genuinely scary moments. It is well made and it has some great story lines. If you enjoy Gothic horror, then you will love this!

The Blacklist is next on my list. This action show is great with so much happening in every episode. James Spader in the star of the show really and without him, I think that this would not work. He is great as Raymond Reddington,  a criminal who is helping out the FBI for his own reasons. He is suave and cool and he seems to know the right people all of the time. He is working with Elizabeth Keen and her team at the FBI and he seems to have a reason for wanting to work with her. There is something in his past that links her with him and we haven't found that out yet. This show is very good and Spader excels as Reddington. The revival of The X Files was great fun. I watched the original series when it was out and this was a real treat for me. I loved the old gang getting back together and the stories were great. I hope that we might see more of this series as I realised how much I used to enjoy it.

Sleepy Hollow is another TV show that I enjoy. It is a modern take on the classic novel. I like the story lines in this series and Ichabod Crane played by Tom Mison is a good character. The female lead I am not so mad about. She is irritating I think but the show is not bad. It has a horror theme which I like. I will give a mention to Game of Thrones which I do follow from time to time. I am not a huge fan of this series. It started well and then I just lost interest in it. I also liked American Horror Story but the last season was so so and with Lady Gaga in it, I just didn't think that it was on the same level as the other seasons. On a better note, I am really looking forward to the Twin Peaks revival. That will be the highlight of 2017. Most of the TV shows that I like to watch are old. I prefer classic TV to most of today's shows. I think that there are some really terrible TV shows out there but these are my favourites anyway!


Tony Briley said...

I've had the blacklist in my Netflix queue since it came out but haven't watched any shows in a couple of months. When time permits I'll try this one, I love James Spader and he can make characters and shows work where others would make them fall short.

Jigsaw said...

Yes The Blacklist is a great show. I wasn't sure about it at the start, but it got better and better and that is thanks to Spader.His character Reddington is really well played by him.

Tony Briley said...

Thanks, hopefully I'll find some time soon and get to check it out.

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