Monday, July 25, 2016

Observance Movie Review 401

Observance is a 2015 thriller/horror from Artsploitation Films and is directed by Joseph Sims-Dennet and starring Lindsay Farris(Home and Away).

Parker(Farris) is a private investigator who is working on a case. His client is not seen in the movie, only heard over the phone. Parker's son is dead and his marriage is very shaky. He is not in a good place. He moves into an old apartment across the street from the woman that he is watching for his client. The place is weird and really crappy. He is alone and isolated. He sets up his equipment and watched the woman who is called Tenneal(Stephanie King). He sees her life and watches everything that happens to her. He starts to see things in the apartment. He thinks that someone might be in the apartment with him.

He starts to feel ill in the apartment. He calls his employer and tells him that the case is not going well as he is feeling bad. His client convinces him to stay there. He gets caught looking at Tenneal when she sees him. He turns out the lights and hides. He feels sicker and spits up black liquid. He knows that there is something weird in the apartment. He sees a vision of his dead son which scares him. He is going to kill himself but it stopped by hearing something in the place. He sees some weird woman coming after him and he decides to leave. He tells his employer that he is going. The movie ends with Tenneal calling to the apartment and finding Parker scribbling on the wall. He kills her and leaves the apartment which is such a strange ending. I didn't like it at all. The movie was pretty okay but there were some dull parts. The ending let it down, I feel. There were many scenes where nothing happened and it could be tedious, but there are some decent scares so if you enjoy psychological thrillers, then this might be for you. I will give it a 5/10. Available on DVD/ Blu Ray in August.


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