Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Surrogate Movie Review 399

The Surrogate is a 2013 TV thriller directed by Doug Campbell and starring Cameron Mathison,Annie Wersching and Amy Scott.

Famous author Jacob Kelly(Mathison) and his wife Allison(Wersching) are a married couple who desperately want a child. Allison can't have a child after having ovarian cancer so they are thinking of getting a surrogate to help them. Jacob works at a college and there is a young woman there called Kate(Scott) who has a huge crush on him and has fantasies about him. He is totally oblivious to her.
When she happens to overhear that he and his wife are looking for a surrogate and have found someone who is suitable, she finds the woman and kills her.She doesn't realise that the woman has a boyfriend who wants to find out what happened to his girlfriend.

Kate wants to be the surrogate for the Kellys and that way she can weasel her way into their lives. She has her eye on Jacob and she pretends to them that she just wants to help them be happy. They are delighted that she is going to help them and the process starts. When Kate gets pregnant, they are ecstatic. Kate and Allison become good friends. But Kate takes a photo of Jacob's credit card details and she orders roses and lingerie from him to her. She also gets his password for his work email and sends romantic emails from Jacob to her. She makes herself out to be innocent of any wrongdoing.
Everything seems to be going well when Kate shows up at the Kelly's house and pretends to be upset. She knows that Jacob is alone and that Allison is on the way home. She suddenly begins to get upset and act as if Jacob has done something to her as Allison arrives back.

Allison asks him what is going on and he doesn't know. She talks to Kate who is happy to tell her and show her the emails and the presents that he sent her. She thinks that he has been trying to come on to Kate and, as he had cheated before, she thinks that he wanted to have an affair. This causes a rift between the couple. Kate is confronted by the boyfriend of the woman that she killed. He is going to call the cops but she stabs him and kills him. She ruins Jacob's life which really makes me wonder how she expects him to fall in love with her. He is fired from his job after Kate says that he hit her.
Allison wants a divorce. He is at his wits end when he goes to visit Kate to confront her. Allison follows him and overhears that Kate is in love with him and obsessed with him. She realises that
Kate has framed her husband. She confronts Kate but Kate tells them that she will kill the baby if they call the police.

The movie takes a ridiculous turn when Allison and Jacob come up with a plan. Jacob tells Kate that he will move in with her as Allison has left him. She tells him that they can go to a mansion that she has in the middle on nowhere and she takes his phone. She has a shrine to him in the house and she tells him that he can write his new novel and she will proof read it for him. He passes notes to his wife through a wall and we find out that Allison has taken a house beside them and it is all a plan to get the baby. Kate finds out and she chains Jacob up even though she has gone into labour!!Figure that one out!!!!The movie ends with Kate trying to run away just after she has the baby. The Kellys call the Sheriff and take the baby and Kate is taken into custody. This movie was a bit silly but entertaining all the same. It is a TV movie so you can't expect too much but it kept me watching and it wasn't too bad. The hilarious ending where a woman in labour manages to shackle a big guy to a post while getting a rifle and shooting at the wife is priceless! I will give it a 4/10.


Tony Briley said...

I remember this one. TV movie for sure.

Amanda said...

Yes, it was a pretty obvious story, but it was fun just the same. The part where she was in labour and was able to carry a grown man to a garage and chain him up and then get a rifle and shoot at the wife was unbelievably hilarious!

Tony Briley said...

Goes to the old saying "don't cross a woman in labor".

Amanda said...

Yes, that lady was disturbed to say the least, but the movie made me laugh so it wasn't all bad!

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