Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Static Movie Review 402

Static is a 2012 thriller/horror movie directed by Todd Levin and starring Milo Ventimiglia and Sara Paxton.

Jonathan Dade(Ventimiglia) and his wife Addie(Sarah Shahi) have lost their son and they are grieving. They live in a massive house in the middle of  nowhere. They hear someone knocking at the door at night. They open the door and there is a young woman standing there. Her name is Rachel(Paxton) and she tells them that she wants to come in as someone is after her. She tells them that her car broke down and she saw someone in the trees with a gas mask on. Addie is very suspicious of her and wants her out but Jonathan lets her stay. He grabs his rifle and goes out to see if there is anyone around. He sees her car and realises that there was a trap set on the road so that her car would stop. Jonathan lets her stay until the morning.Strange things happen and then the lights go out. Everyone is scared.

Men come and take Rachel away and they are looking for Jonathan and Addie.  There is a cat and mouse chase with lots of jumps etc. They run away and they find the baddies lair which is filled with pictures of them and videos and every single detail of their life. They are worried now. Jonathan goes off to find something and leaves Addie alone. They get her and take her away.SPOILERS. Jonathan realises that they have her and he finds them down by the river with his wife. Rachel is there too so she was in on it. He holds a gun on them but they don't retaliate. Rachel tells Addie to tell Jonathan what happened so she tells him that she was going to kill herself after the death of their son but she killed him too.She blamed him for their son's death. They didn't realise that they are dead and they couldn't move on. Rachel and her buddies were sent to free them from the house and the memories. They are happy at last and they walk away. They are seen playing with their son in the sunshine. The real estate guy played by William Mapother asks one of the guys if the ghosts have gone from the house and he is told that yes, the ghosts have been freed. All is well.

This film started out well, but then not much happened except for chasing all over this huge house and jumping at shadows. The ending was interesting, but overall this film was mediocre.I found it dull in parts and not great. I expected more as the cast was pretty good, but I wouldn't watch it again. I will give it a 4/10.


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