Tuesday, September 6, 2016

American Horror Story Season 5, Episode 3

Tristan goes up to see James March to discuss reopening the hotel. March wants Tristan to make sure that the owner Will does not change the place. Tristan tells him that he is on the case. Alex doesn't understand why her daughter Scarlett is acting as if her son Holden is alive. Tristan talks to Will about the hotel and he is going to kill him but the Countess says no. John sees an injured Gabriel who was attacked by junkie Sally. He takes him to the hospital where he dies after telling John that it was Sally. John goes back to the hotel and wants to arrest her, but she disappears and he can't find her.

Iris and her son Donovan talk about leaving he hotel. He doesn't want to as he is happy where he is and they fall out. He tells her to go an kill herself and she is left devastated. Donovan goes out to feed and bumps into a woman called Ramona(Angela Bassett) who tasers him. She takes him off somewhere. Iris decides to kill herself with the help of Sally. Donovan wakes up and sees Ramona. He is tied up and she tells him that she wants to get revenge on the Countess as she killed her lover in the past. She wants to use him to get at her. He tells her that she has dumped him and Ramona lets him go.

John is served divorce papers from Alex and he is distraught. She wanders around the hotel and finds her son Holden. The Countess reveals her plans for seducing Will and marrying him for his money. Then she will kill him. Donovan arrives back and he finds his mother half dead. He feeds her his blood and brings her back. This was an okay episode. Nothing major here.


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