Friday, September 16, 2016

American Horror Story , Season 5, Episode 5

This episode begins with Alex who is now a vampire. She uses her blood to save the life of a young boy who she was treating. The kid is released from hospital and begins eating people, including his parents. He bites a kid at school and of course, all the kids get infected and eat the teachers. Cops are called and the kids make up a story about someone coming in and killing the teachers. They are led away from the building. John is going around the bend and tells his boss about what happened in the previous episode and meeting the serial killers etc. He gets fired for being a loony.

There is a flashback about Liz and she goes into her background with Iris. Iris kills two guests who are very rude and she feeds on them. She and Liz get rid of the bodies. John finds himself in bed with Sally and can't remember anything. Alex bonds with her son and decides to stay in the hotel. This was a fairly dull episode with not much happening.


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