Friday, September 23, 2016

American Horror Story Season 5 , Episodes 6-12 Recap

So, this is not what I would normally do but I will make an exception with this TV show.  I liked all of the first four seasons of American Horror Story, but this season was dire. I don't know if it was because the season was a love song to Gaga or that it just felt like a tribute to MTV or what, but the show really irritated me this time around. So I am just going to recap what happened in the rest of the season as I didn't really enjoy the rest of the episodes but I would like to finish it off.

Episode 6 begins with the Countess having some sort of demon baby. Liz and Tristan become lovers.
Alex and John run around after their son in the hotel. Ramona and Donovan come to the hotel to get their revenge on the Countess, but she isn't there. They are going to kill her baby, but Donovan chickens out and the baby escapes. The baby ends up in John's suitcase and goes with him to his house where it emerges. John tries to kill it, but Alex saves it. The Countess finds out about Liz and Tristan and kills Tristan.

Episode 7 nothing much happens here. We find out how the Countess became a vampire. It is pretty dull. Episode 8 John continues his search for the Ten Commandments Killer, but he doesn't get far.
He thinks that he has found the killer. He is told that he was groomed by March to follow in his footsteps. He is the killer and he had not remembered that he is the one who was going around murdering people. He kills someone else and returns to the hotel. 
Episode 9 The Countess and Will get married. Ramona gets captured. The Countess leaves Will with Ramona who has been freed and she kills him..

Episode 10 Liz is upset over Tristan's death and wants to die. Iris tells him that he has to sort out his affairs before passing. He decides to find his son and make peace with him which he does. John and Alex reunite and Sally is annoyed and vows to kill John. Liz and Iris get guns and start shooting at The Countess and Donovan.
Episode 11 The Countess escapes while Donovan dies. She needs blood to survive and she turns to Sally for help.Ramona kills a guest in the hotel. John kills The Countess once and for all. She is doomed to spend eternity with March.

Episode 12-the finale. Liz and Iris are running the hotel now. There are still murders being committed by the ghosts. They hold a meeting and try to reason with the ghosts, but to no avail. They gets some medium in and make contact with Donovan who wants Iris to know that he loves her. Liz finds out that he has cancer and wants to die. The ghosts want to help him pass. They kill him and he dies. Cut to Devil's Night and John appears at the hotel to scare the medium who is filming in the hotel. He introduces her to all of the killers that he met before. They succeed in scaring her away when Ramona steps in. John has come to be with his family while he can. He died outside the hotel and he can't stay there as a ghost. His daughter comes to spend time with him. The Countess is still hanging around the hotel.

All in all, I didn't enjoy this season of American Horror Story. It wasn't great at all. I think that it was  like a music video for Gaga and it was just shallow and self indulgent. I am hoping that the next season will put the series back on track.


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