Sunday, September 18, 2016

Don't Blink Movie Review 409

Don't Blink is a 2014 horror movie directed by Travis Oates and starring Brian Austin Green, Mena Suvari, Zack Ward and Joanne Kelly.

The movie begins with a group of pals who are going to a retreat for the weekend. They are Jack(Austin Green), Tracy(Suvari), Claire(Kelly),Lucas(Curtiss Frisle),Alex(Ward), Sam(Leif Gantvoort),Amelia(Emelie O'Hara),Ella(Fiona Gubelmann),Noah(David de Lautour) and Charlotte(Samantha Jacober). When they arrive, they are surprised to see nobody there at all to check them in. The petrol pumps don't work outside and there is noone there to help them. They have run out of petrol. They look around the place and find that people just dropped everything and left. There is food out and make up out in the bathroom. Where has everyone gone?

Jack tells them all to keep calm and look around the grounds to find someone. 'Help Me' is written on the door of a cupboard but they don't see it. The tap is running and the cooker is still on, suggesting that people had to leave immediately. Claire and Alex realise that there are no birds, no animals and no insects. The place is colder than it should be. Alex wants to leave. He needs petrol for his car.
He wants to siphon petrol from the other cars that are in the place but they don't have enough to get them back to civilisation. Jack thinks that they should stay put for the moment and look for a phone.
Tracy disappears and there is no trace of her. Noah disappears too. Jack tells them to go inside where they can stay together.

SPOILERS...People begin to disappear. Lucas goes and then Ella.Alex has a gun and he is losing his mind. Amelia disappears next. Sam tries to get out of there with the gun and he grabs Charlotte and takes the car. He disappears and Charlotte is in shock. The gun has been left on the seat. Noah returns and Alex thinks that he has something to do with disappearances and he shoots him and then leaves him outside where Noah disappears too. Alex goes crazy and shoots himself dead. His body disappears. Charlotte is the next to vanish leaving Jack and Claire together.  They get through to the emergency services but they will take three hours to get there.They try not to blink and they keep an eye on each other but they fall asleep and Jack vanishes. Claire is left alone and she sees people coming to help her. The people who come seem to know something about the place and she thinks that it will all be fine,but suddenly they all disappear, leaving her alone. She looks at herself in the mirror and she disappears too.

I liked the film most of the way through, but when I realised that there was not going to be any explanation for what happened, I felt cheated. I like to have some closure after spending ninety minutes watching a movie and this annoyed me. What the hell happened to everyone? Why did they disappear?  Was it some alien force? Not even a clue. This let down the movie, I'm afraid because I did like it up until the ending. That is why it gets a 5/10.


Tony Briley said...

You're being kind with the 5/10. The movie had some good parts and a spooky concept but the ending scored it a 1/10 for me. I've seen some bad movies before but they didn't leave me as frustrated as this one when it was over. The only thing worse than a bad movie is one that leaves you feeling cheated. They could have at least dropped enough hints that someone could draw their own conclusion.

Amanda said...

Yes you are right about the ending.i was intrigued for the first half of the movie.When it became obvious that there was going to be no payoff I was irritated to say the least!

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