Saturday, September 10, 2016

Fright Night Movie Review 407

Fright Night is a 1985 horror directed by Tom Holland(Child's Play) and starring Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Roddy McDowell and Amanda Bearse.

Teenager Charlie Brewster(Ragsdale) and his girlfriend, Amy(Bearse) are making out in his bedroom when he happens to see something out of his window. He sees men bringing a coffin into the house next door. He wonders what is going on. The house next door has been sold and the new owner is a guy called Jerry Dandrige(Sarandon). Charlie is suspicious of him immediately. Charlie watches horror movies introduced by an actor guy called Peter Vincent(McDowell) who played a vampire hunter in his movies. When Charlie thinks that something sinister is going on, he calls in the cops to visit the house. A man called Billy(Jonathan Stark) answers the door and claims to be the roommate of Jerry. He invites the cop inside and they meet Jerry who seems amused. The cop finds nothing
amiss and is mad at Charlie for wasting his time. Jerry is not happy and Charlie is scared.

That evening, Jerry is invited into Charlie's home by his  mother. Jerry pretends to be nice, but later on, he pays a visit to Charlie and gives him a choice- back off or he will hurt him. Charlie refuses and a fight ensues with Charlie stabbing Jerry's hand with a pencil.They get disturbed and Jerry tells him that he will be back later to sort him out. Charlie knows that he is a vampire now and he is worried.
He goes to Peter Vincent for help, but he doesn't want to know. He tells Amy and his friend Evil(Stephen Geoffreys)  about it, but they think that he has lost the plot. Amy is worried about Charlie so she asks Vincent to go and see Jerry with Charlie and he decides to after she bribes him with money. They all go to Jerry's house and meet him. None of them think that he is a vampire except Charlie. Vincent thinks that Jerry is not a vampire until he sees that Jerry has no reflection in the mirror. He leaves the house in a hurry taking them with him, but Jerry realises that he knows.

The three pals are on the way home when Evil splits from them and gets bitten by Jerry and turned into a vampire. Jerry sends Evil to see Vincent and kill him, but Vincent manages to ward him off with a crucifix. Jerry takes Amy back to his house to lure Charlie and Vincent there. He bites her and turns her into a vampire too as she reminds him of a lost love. Vincent is confronted by Evil again and manages to overcome him and stake him. Charlie and Vincent go to Jerry's house and discover that Amy has been turned into a vampire. Vincent tells Charlie that Jerry needs to die to turn her back. They meet Billy who they fight. He is some sort of zombie and it takes a while to kill him.
Jerry is left exposed and he turns into a bat and tries to kill them. They chase him down to the basement where the coffin is.

Amy turns up and they have to fight her too. They manage to break through the windows which have been covered over to block out the light and they let the light into the basement and this kills Jerry. Amy turns back into her old self and they leave the house. The  movie ends where it began with Charlie and Amy making out in his bed. He looks next door and thinks that he sees red eyes in the window, but then he forgets about it. Little does he know that Evil has survived and he is next door now! This movie was very entertaining and amusing. I really enjoyed it. It is a good horror movie from my favourite decade. I watched this for the first time in years recently and I had forgotten how good it was. Great fun movie which I highly recommend. I will give it an 8/10.


Tony Briley said...

This is a good one. I remember seeing it when it first released.

Amanda said...

I didn't see it until years after it was released but I really liked it. It is good fun unlike a lot of horror movies these days! I didn't bother with the remake.

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