Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sledgehammer Movie Review 411

Sledgehammer is a 1983 horror movie directed by David A.Prior and starring Ted Prior and Linda McGill.

The movie starts with a mother locking her young son into a closet while she fools around with a  man. The two of them get killed by someone holding a sledgehammer. Who is it? The kid disappears and is presumed dead. We don't know what has happened to him. Cut to ten years later and a group of people are going to stay in the same house for a weekend to party. You just know that something is going to go wrong here! They look around the house and happen to find a sledgehammer. What a coincidence... Of course you know that the killer will show up in the house to get his sledgehammer.
For some weird reason, the group decide to hold a seance and call upon the spirits of the mother and her lover who were butchered in the house. They manage to bring back the ghost of the kid who is now a man with a mask and a mighty big sledgehammer.

Now, you can see how the rest of the movie is going to go. The sledgehammer gets a workout and people drop like squashed flies! The ghost kills most of the group, but then he has a showdown with two survivors who challenge and 'kill' the man ghost. They get out of the house, leaving the ghost boy at the window, still in the house. It seems that they haven't beaten the ghost. This was a pretty cheap affair. It is a real B movie but it is entertaining in a funny way. I found this by chance and I had never heard of it, but I am glad that I watched it. It made me laugh in parts and in other parts I was horrified by the crappy quality of it. If you like cheap 80's slashers, like me, then this will appeal to you. I will be kind and give it a 3/10.


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