Thursday, October 13, 2016

Amanda's Horror Years- 1983

So, this time around, we are in 1983 for more great films. This was a great year for the horror genre with some classic movies being released.

I will start with my favourites and go on from there. Christine is the first one that I will talk about. It is based on the book by Stephen King and is about a car who takes over it's owner. It is one of my favourite King adaptations. It is directed by John Carpenter and it is a classic in my opinion. The story is great and the actors are good in their roles too. Another King story made into a movie is Cujo. This is also based on a novel by King. Cujo is a large St.Bernard dog who terrorises a woman and her son who get stuck in a car when Cujo gets rabies and turns vicious. I love this movie too and I find that it is often overlooked when Stephen King adaptations are discussed. Last on my Stephen King list is The Dead Zone which is directed by David Cronenberg. I liked this too despite the sad ending. Sleepaway Camp is next and I liked this movie. It was a great slasher with a good twist ending. There are a few sequels, but they don't match up to the original.

David Cronenberg directed another great film in 1983 called Videodrome starring James Woods and Debbie Harry. I loved this movie too. It is so strange and weird but it is a classic. Another entertaining movie is The House on Sorority Row which is a slasher movie but great fun. Some more movies released this year are Mausoleum, A Blade in the Dark, Microwave Massacre,Curtains, Frightmare, American Nightmare and House of the Long Shadows with three horror greats- Peter Cushing, Vincent Price and Christopher Lee. The Keep was released this year and this was an interesting film. It has a good cast with Gabriel Byrne, Ian McKellan, Jurgen Prochnow and Scott Glenn. It is directed by Michael Mann so it is an atmospheric movie. There are some good scenes here and the keep is a creepy building. Twilight Zone:The Movie was a fun remake of sorts of the original series. There was a very good cast. I like anthologies so I did enjoy it. Another anthology movie that I liked was Nightmares. There are four stories in this and one of them stars Emilio Estevez.

Another movie from this year was Sweet Sixteen but there wasn't much sweet about this. It wasn't great at all. Sledgehammer is another dire movie. It was really bad. So, anyway, on to the sequels of this year. One of my all time favourite films was released and it is Psycho 2. I love this film almost as much as the original and it is exceptional. I love it and I have watched it so many times that I know it inside out. This is one of the few examples where the sequel is almost as good as the original. Jaws 3-D was also out but it wasn't great. Amityville was also 3-D which was big at the time. The third movie in the franchise was not too bad.

So, that is my selection of movies from 1983. I am sure that I have left some out so if you have any favourites, let me know!


Tony Briley said...

1983 was a great year for movies, especially for those that like Stephen King.

I'll start my comment with Cujo. In 1983 I was 15 years old and my dad dropped me and my girlfriend at the movie theater to see this one. It terrified us both, and the Cujo references in our lives seemed to go on forever (like being tardy to Mrs White's class, she went Cujo on us).

Christine I need to check out again. My only recollection of this movie is its one of the few times my brother and I went out together. He hated it, and I didn't enjoy it too much, but I might have just had a negative influence from him. I'll watch it again and see if I can get more into it.

House on Sorority Row was a lot of fun as you said, and The Keep I didn't love but it seemed to be unique and interesting.

And who can forget the Twilight Zone movie? I thought it did the original series justice and enjoyed it.

Curtains was going to be one I mentioned but you even caught that one for the list, it wasn't very popular but was disturbing.

One I'll mention I didn't see here- Of Unknown Origin starring Peter Weller. He's a great actor and anything about a giant rat you know is going to be gnarly. (Sorry, couldn't resist)

Great list and I'll see if Christine is on Netflix now.

Amanda said...

I haven't heard of that film but I do like Peter Weller so I am going to see if I can get my hands on it.As for Christine, give it another chance as it is worth it.I love the book and I can remember reading it for the first time.I love the idea of the phantom car and of the nerd becoming the cool guy and falling in love with the car which is weird but interesting.Cujo is great and I have never looked at St.Bernards the same way since seeing that one!All in all this was a good year for movies...Thanks for reading!

Tony Briley said...

You're welcome.

I think you'll enjoy Of Unknown Origin. Peter Weller is great in it.

I'll be checking out Christine as soon as I can locate it.

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