Friday, October 14, 2016

Ginger Snaps 2:Unleashed Movie Review 416.

Ginger Snaps 2:Unleashed is a 2004 sequel to Ginger Snaps. It is directed by Brett Sullivan and stars 
Emily Perkins, Katharine Isabelle and Tatiana Maslany.

The film begins with Brigitte(Perkins) injecting herself with monkshood as she was infected in the end of the first movie. She is changing and she is taking notes detailing the changes to her body. She cuts herself to see how quick she is healing. Her sister pops up as a ghost and talks to her. She tells her that the monkshood won't change her back. A male werewolf is coming after her and she can feel it following her. She injects herself again but this time she has a bad reaction to it. A pal of hers finds her and tries to take her to the hospital but gets attacked by the werewolf. She wakes up in a rehab facility. The hospital director is a woman called Alice(Janet Kidder) and she thinks that Brigitte is a drug addict. She tries to escape, but gets caught.

Brigitte gets a piece of broken glass and hides it so that she can check her rate of healing. There is a sleazy guy working in the hospital called Tyler(Eric Johnson) and he offers Brigitte her fix of monkshood for sex. She refuses him. Brigitte doesn't want to talk about herself in group therapy and she tells Alice that if she isn't let out, people will die. She continues her rituals and takes notes about the changes that are happening to her. She is becoming more sexual as she transforms. Ginger appears again. She thinks of suicide but can't do it. She meet a girl called Ghost(Maslany)who is also at the hospital. She figures out what is going on with Brigitte and she wants to help her.

Brigitte fights against her transformation but it is a losing battle. She has to get Tyler to inject her. The werewolf finds out where she is and she knows that she needs to get out. It comes inside and chases them. They manage to set it on fire and escape the place. Ghost takes her to her grandma's house. Her grandma was in the hospital being treated for burns after falling asleep with a cigarette. They hide out there. They call Tyler to get some more monkshood. He shows up with it and they inject Brigitte but she has another bad reaction and Tyler calls Alice for help. Ghost turns out to be very devious when she tells Brigitte that Tyler did something to her. Brigitte locks him outside with the werewolf and he dies.

Brigitte finds out that Ghost is a liar. She was the one who burned her grandma and put her in hospital. The werewolf gets into the house and Brigitte manages to stab it but they stumble into the basement and it impales itself on a spike. Alice is killed by Ghost who turns out to be a psycho. She knocks Brigitte back into the basement and locks her in as she transforms. The movie ends with Ghost drawing a comic strip where she is a superhero with a pet werewolf. She is going to use Brigitte to kill people. The movie ends with her grandma coming home.

This movie was entertaining. Maybe not as good as the original movie, but not too bad. It is dark and
a bit gloomy, but that is the nature of this story so I went with it. I wasn't mad about the ending at all. It was too depressing and I thought that it was a total anti-climax after all of the action. I know that the movie is meant to be dark and morbid, but after all that Brigitte went through, being a pet for the irritating Ghost is just silly. All in all, this movie was fine, but nothing great. I will give it a 5/10.


Tony Briley said...

Good review, and I'm glad I'm not the only one that didn't think the second lived up to the first.

Check out Ginger Snaps Back now. You'll more than likely find it much better than the second, maybe even better than the first. I know someone that liked the setting better and enjoyed it more than the original. For me, still liked the first one best but back was a close second, if not a tie.

Amanda said...

Thanks.I was not crazy about it,especially the end.I will see if I can get the third one and I will let you know what I think!

Anonymous said...

Look forward to it!

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