Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wolf Creek, Season 1, Episode 2

This episode begins with Eve catching herself in a trap. She meets a dingo and it jumps into her truck. She has to stop at a gas station and she meets some locals who are leering at her. She washes her injured foot. One of the locals, Kev(Matt Levett) tries it on with her and she is saved by a woman truck driver called Ruth(Rachel House) who has a shotgun and she is a bad ass. She offers Eve help and they chat. Eve asks her about a blue truck, but she hasn't seen it. She patches up Eve's foot and heads off. She manages to crash her truck into a police car and a bag of weed is found inside of it.
Eve is taken to the local jail where two men are also incarcerated. One of them is a biker called Kane(Richard Cawthorne) and she asks him if he knows a guy with a blue truck.

Hill arrives and tries to get Eve out of the jail, but he can't. She escapes through the window and she makes her way to his motel room. They chat. She is found by the cops in the motel, but she manages to escape again and jumps into a truck which is driven by a pal of Kane who has just been released.
She ends up at their house. She looks around and finds a bag of cash and a gun. She is seen but she runs off. They chase her. Hill is also looking for her. Meanwhile, Mick has his eye on two tourists who have broken down. He offers to tow them back to his place where he can fix their car. They are reluctant to accept his offer. To Mick's annoyance, a car full of guys shows up and helps them instead. Mick has to go away without his kill.

Kane is looking for Eve and he asks at a pub if anyone has seen an American girl and that she is looking for a blue truck. Mick happens to be there and he hears this. Eve gets a new van. This was a very good episode. This series is really great, Mick is the psychopath that we know and love and the pace of this show is nice and fast. There are no dull scenes here. 


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