Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 2

This episode returns to Carol who has been shot, if you remember the last season. She is brought to a 
place called 'The Kingdom' by Morgan and two people called Richard and Daniel. She wakes up later and she talks to Morgan. He tells her what is happening and she is brought to meet the leader of 'The Kingdom'. His name is Ezekiel(Khary Payton). He is the king of this place and he has a pet tiger called Shiva. He seems like he is pretending to be in a play or something and Carol doesn't know what to make of him. He offers her some fruit, but she won't take it. She is determined to get out of there.

Morgan doesn't share her feelings and he likes being there. He works with some of them to feed walkers to some pigs which will be given to The Saviors who will come calling for their supplies.
They have no choice but to give in to Negan and his group as they don't have an army to fight back.
The Saviors throw their weight around and cause a fight. They threaten Richard if they do not get better stuff the next time. Carol decides to take off again and she gets herself some supplies when she gets caught by Ezekiel and they have a heart to heart talk. He tells her that he knows that 'The Kingdom' is all a facade and that he is an amateur actor and zookeeper and that he continues on with it because it makes people feel better. He tells her that there is a house outside and that she can live there so she will not be part of the community but she can come in if she wants. She agrees and they become friends.

A good episode, setting up another storyline. It is good to see more characters being introduced.Oh yes, and I loved the tiger!!!


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