Thursday, November 10, 2016

Wolf Creek, Season 1, Episode 4

This episode begins with Mick walking over to the van but it is not Eve but other tourists. He kills them. Eve arrives in Opalville looking for Mick. She talks to the mother of a missing girl who might have been killed by Mick. She tells her that she is doing a story about her daughter, but the father doesn't believe her. He did something to his daughter.He turns out to be a nut and he attacks the mother and then turns on Eve. She pulls her gun, but he gets it away from her and they fight. She ends up getting bitten by a snake and crashing her van.

She wakes up at a campsite with an old man. He has saved her life. Hill heads back to the roadhouse and he asks about Eve again. He discovers that it is for sale. She tells him that Eve was headed for Opalville. Meanwhile, Eve talks to the old man and he shows her how to throw a spear, but she is able to throw a javelin already. Hill is at the site of the tourist murders and he finds a shotgun shell.
Eve leaves the old man and sets off on her own again. She runs into the mother from earlier and finds her burying her husband who killed himself .She gives Eve a jeep to help her. She runs into Hill who chases her, but she gets away. She picks out another place to go and gets a tattoo. Mick has the woman from the roadhouse captured and he is going to kill her.

Another great episode with lots happening!


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