Friday, November 11, 2016

Wolf Creek, Season 1, Episode 5

We are coming close to the end of the series now and things are really hotting up. Eve is working in a bar now. She has been living with her co worker in a mobile home. She happens to see a man who was in the files and she wants to talk to him. She sees Mick who comes into the bar and she goes to the cops but loses her nerves before she can tell them anything. Mick realises that something is up and he goes outside. Eve tries to follow him and she memorises his licence plate. She is behind him but she has to pass him. He drives past her and she lets him. He looks back at her and he knows that it is Eve.

She calls Hill and tells him that she has found the guy. She tells him the number plate and he looks it up for her. It is from a stolen truck. He finds out where she is living and he catches up with her. He tells her that she should go home. He wants her to leave it to him but she refuses. He decides that they should work together to get Mick. Hill sees Mick in his truck and he pulls his gun. He follows him but Mick is one step ahead and he stabs him in the side. He takes him away. Meanwhile, Eve goes to see the man who was in her files. His name is Jesus and she talks to him about Mick. His name is Ben and he was the guy from the original Wolf Creek movie. He was crucified by Mick and he seems to have lost his mind.

Eve returns home to find that Mick has been there and he has sent her a message that he has Hill. She runs to the local cop and finds that he has been killed. She has no choice but to go and look for Hill herself. She gets herself a gun and she buys a dog trap. She tells her friend to tell Mick where she is.
She goes to an old graveyard and waits. Her friend sees Mick and she tells him where Eve is. The bikers overhear this and they go to get her too. It so  happens that Johnny, the escapee has heard and he is going there to help her. He knows one of the bikers and he tells him to get away or else. He finds Eve and she tells him about Mick. They kiss. She takes some painkillers and falls asleep, While she is asleep, Mick arrives and takes her gun. He also beheads Johnny. Eve wakes up and sees what has happened.

This was a great episode with loads happening. Very good stuff.


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