Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wolf Creek, Season 1 Finale.

This episode begins with Eve going to see Ben to force him to tell her where he was held. He tells her that it is called Wolf Creek. She finds a scrap book under Johnny's head and she looks at it. There are newspaper clippings about a missing child. She was Mick's sister and she disappeared when she was out with Mick and a man approached them. He offered them sweets. Mick refuses it and they run off.
When Mick got back home, his father punished him for losing his sister. Cut to Hill, who is chained up in Mick's place. Mick is waiting for Eve. She buys a can of petrol and heads off to get Mick.
She arrives at his place and looks around. There is a body under the floorboards.

Mick comes and he tells her that the body is one of his parents. Eve looks around and she finds Hill in Mick's shed. He catches her and gives her a choice. She can kill Hill quickly or he can kill him slowly. She discovers that Mick killed his own sister. He kills Hill but not before Hill brings down the ceiling on him. Mick isn't dead. He gets back up and he throws his knife at Eve and hits her on the shoulder. She throws her javelin at him and pins him to the wall. She stabs him and she thinks that he is dead. She finds Hill and tells him that she got Mick. He dies in her arms.

She sets fire to Mick's place. She goes away, thinking that Mick had died. The next day, she goes back but there is no trace of Mick. She lays Hill to rest and then the cops turn up. She disappears.
She ends up meeting the lady truck driver from earlier and she gets a lift with her. The old man who helped her sees her leaving. The series ends with Mick back on the road.. This series was great. I loved it. It matched the movies perfectly and John Jarratt was excellent as Mick. I really hope that there will be more episodes! It was so well made and so faithful to the original movie. I liked the character of Mick and I liked that we got to find out more about his past. I am glad that he wasn't killed off. Let's hope that there will be a season two!


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