Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Christmas from Jigsaw's Lair

Here at Jigsaw's Lair, the festive season is celebrated with lots of Christmas horror movies as always.
I also like other types of movies this time of year but my favourite Christmas horror movie will be Black Christmas(1974). This film is a great slasher movie but the fact that it is set at Christmas adds another layer to it. Bob Clark directed and Olivia Hussey stars along with Margot Kidder and the always reliable John Saxon. There is an eerie feeling to this film as the killer is hiding in the attic and he comes out to kill the young women. I just love it and I would watch it any time of year so if you don't get a chance to watch it over Christmas, save it until the New Year. Another favourite Christmas themed horror is Silent Night, Deadly Night. This is a staple of any Christmas horror collection. It is about a killer Santa and it is a horror classic. There are more, but these two are the best.

Other Christmas movies that I can recommend and will watch are Christmas Vacation which is hilarious in my opinion. It's A Wonderful Life is a personal favourite of mine for obvious reasons.
Holiday Inn is one that I usually watch this time of year also. I love the old black and white movies and this one has stayed with me over the years.The Shop Around the Corner is a 1940 Christmas themed move starring James Stewart and I make a point of watching this one at Christmas. It is a lovely romantic movie and I really enjoy it every time. Die Hard is another movie that isn't technically a Christmas movie, but it is set around Christmas Eve so I guess you could call it one. I love the Die Hard movies and Bruce Willis is great in them. Lethal Weapon is another action movie that is set at this time of year and I love that movie too. Gremlins is a great Christmas film and I remember watching this when I was very young and I have good memories of it. I am rather fussy about the films that I watch at Christmas and some of the more recent Christmas films are crappy and sub standard.

So, there you have it. A selection of films that you may or may not like to watch over the Christmas season. Whatever you decide to watch, I want to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and New Year. Thanks for supporting the blog through the year and I hope that you will keep supporting Jigsaw's Lair in the year to come!


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