Monday, December 5, 2016

The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 5

So, this time we begin at Hilltop with Maggie and Sasha. Sasha gives Maggie Glenn's pocket watch.
They go to see the graves of Glenn and Abraham. Jesus comes over to them with flowers for the grave and meets Gregory who wants Sasha and Maggie out in case The Saviors come along and find them. Jesus isn't happy about this. Cut to Alexandria and Carl is having a hard time accepting the way that Rick is dealing with The Saviors. He wants revenge. Enid takes off in search of Maggie and Carl joins her on the road. At Hilltop, there is tension between Jesus and Gregory. Jesus thinks that they should let Maggie and Sasha stay, but Gregory doesn't agree. The Saviors turn up and Maggie and Sasha have to hide.

Simon(Steven Ogg) comes with his posse with a message from Negan. He wants to know if Gregory understands the way things are. He loots the place and takes everything he wants. He humiliates Gregory and makes him look like a fool. Jesus is not happy with him at all. Enid and Carl go their separate ways when Carl decides to go and kill Negan. Jesus confronts Gregory when The Saviors have left and berates him. He tells him that Sasha and Maggie are staying. Gregory says that The Saviors are reasonable and Maggie punches him. Sasha and Jesus discuss finding Negan and he jumps into the truck as The Saviors are leaving and he finds Carl already in there.

This was a so so episode. It wasn't very exciting and the Simon character is annoying. Gregory is so weak as a leader that he makes my skin crawl. I like Jesus and I am hoping that his character will remain in the series for another while. I am not sure where the series is going from here, but I am hoping that it gets better as this episode was not great.


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