Monday, December 19, 2016

The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 7

This episode begins with Jesus and Carl in the back of the truck. Carl manages to leave Jesus and heads off on his own to kill Negan, but he doesn't succeed. He kills a couple of Saviours and gets caught by Negan. Instead of hurting him, he takes Carl on a tour of his place. He shows him that he has a harem with loads of women who are there for him. They meet Daryl who is shocked at seeing Carl there but there is nothing that he can do about it. Negan discovers that one of his wives has been having sex with someone else so he decides to punish the guy. He tells Dwight to heat up the iron and he has a chat with Carl about his eye which he tells him looks horrible. Carl gets upset and Negan apologises for being cruel..He takes Carl with him and he holds the hot iron to the guys face and scars him. We realise that Dwight had the same punishment and he doesn't look too happy to be seeing someone else getting what he got from Negan.

Rick and Aaron are looking for supplies with Spencer and Gabriel. When Rick and Aaron have left them, Spencer talks about Rick behind his back suggesting that he would make a better leader than Rick. Gabriel isn't too happy about it. Eugene and Rosita talk about the bullet that he is making for her and she insults him. He makes it for her, but their friendship is strained. Daryl is thrown a lifeline when someone gives him a key to a motorbike and a note telling him to go. The episode ends with Negan and his cronies showing up in Alexandria with Carl. Negan throws his weight around and even plays with Rick's daughter.


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