Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 8

This episode begins with Negan enjoying himself in Rick's house. He shaves and he has breakfast with Carl and Judith. Meanwhile Rick and Aaron are in the water trying to reach a houseboat where they think there are supplies. They have to fight with walkers to get across. They go through the stuff in there and find a few guns but no ammo. They find a picture which suggests that they f**k themselves. They take the stuff and the note. They don't see it, but somebody is watching them as they go. At the Kingdom, Carol tells Morgan to leave her alone when he brings her some fruit. One of the members of the Kingdom talks to them about the Saviours and wants them to help to convince Ezekiel to attack them but Carol isn't interested in fighting anymore. Morgan isn't keen either.

Daryl is trying to escape and he manages to get as far as the yard where he finds a motorbike. He meets one of Negan's goons and kills him without mercy. Jesus stumbles upon him and they both leave on the bike. Michonne is on the road and she is in a car with a female Saviour. She tells her that she wants to get Negan and makes her drive to his lair. They reach it and Michonne is dismayed to see loads of Saviours and she realises that she cannot fight them. The female Saviour wants to die so she tells Michonne to do it. Michonne obliges.

Things get interesting when Spencer makes his move. He approaches Negan and he suggests that Rick is not a suitable leader. While this is happening, Rick and Aaron come back and they have to hand their stuff over to the Saviours. They find the note and are not impressed. Aaron ends up getting the shit kicked out of him and Rick has no choice but to watch. Meanwhile, Spencer and Negan are talking about Rick. Spencer is showing his true colours and he is hoping that Negan will get rid of Rick for him. He thinks that he would be a better leader than Rick. Negan isn't falling for his crap, though and he calls him gutless and then slashes his stomach and watches while his insides fall out.
Everyone is shocked. Rosita is horrified and uses her one bullet to try and kill Negan. Unfortunately, it hits Lucille instead. Negan is furious.

Negan looks at the bullet and realises that someone made it. He threatens to kill more people if they don't tell him who made it. Rosita claims that it was her but he doesn't believe her. Olivia is killed as a result. Eugene owns up and tells Negan that it was him. Negan and his crew take Eugene away with them. Things are looking pretty bleak when Michonne comes back and talks to Rick. She tries to get him to fight. Rick finally agrees. The group to Hilltop and meet Maggie and Sasha. Rick tells them that they are going to fight. Just then Daryl and Jesus come back and there are emotional scenes as they are reunited. There is a post credits scene where someone is watching Alexandria and is coming there. Who is it? We will have to wait until next year to find out. This was the mid season finale so it will be next February before we find out what happens to Rick and company.

The first half of the season had the good, the bad and the ugly. The good was Negan being introduced and I liked the brutal way that he asserted his authority. The bad was that Rick and the group had to put up with Negan and his bullies for a while and that we lost Abraham, Glenn, Spencer and Olivia(have I missed anyone?). Negan and his gang are good baddies and I do like him as a character. I like the leather jacket and the baseball bat and the ruthless streak that he has. I do not like the way that Rick and the others were crumbling and just being really weak when all through the series, they survived against hopeless odds. The walkers were just in the background in this season. They might as well not be there. The ugly was the way that some of the episodes dragged on and were a bit boring to be honest.I did like the final scene where Daryl and Rick were reunited. It was sweet. So, hopefully, the next half of the series will be better!


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