Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ouija:Origin Of Evil Movie Review 444

Ouija:Origin of Evil is a 2016 horror movie sequel directed by Mike Flanagan and starring Elizabeth Reaser and Henry Thomas.

In 1965, a woman called Alice Zander(Reaser) is a medium but she is a fake. She works with her daughter Lina(Annalise Basso) to set people up. She doesn't think that she is doing anything wrong.
She has a younger daughter called Doris. Alice decides to buy a Ouija board and this starts the trouble. Alice wants to use to board to help her clients, but Doris uses it and starts to communicate with a spirit who she thinks is her dead father. It isn't. Doris learns that her mother needs money and she asks the board. The board directs her to the basement where there is a hole with a lot of money hidden in the wall. She gives the money to her mother and tells her that it is her dead father trying to help them. Her mother starts to believe it and she uses Doris in her readings to contact the spirits.

Unfortunately, the spirit that is inside Doris is not her dad. It is some evil spirit and Doris begins to act differently. She looks evil and she is writing things in polish which Lina sees. Lina goes to the principal of her school, Fr.Tom(Thomas) and tells him what is going on. She hands him some pages written by Doris in Polish and he tells her that he will get them translated for her. He calls around to the house for a reading as he lost his wife before he became a priest. Doris knows things about him as she can read his mind. He figures out that if he blocks out things in his mind, she doesn't know them.
He takes Alice and Lina to another room to discuss the writings that he has had translated. Doris knows that something is going on.SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!

Lina's boyfriend calls to the house and meets Doris. She leads him down to the basement and he gets possessed too. He hangs himself in the house. Alice, Lina and Fr. Tom are horrified. Fr. Tom tells them that the writings are from a Polish man who was experimented on by an evil Nazi doctor. The spirits are the people who were experimented on. They have been in the house since Alice and her husband moved in. When the three see Lina's boyfriend hanging, they think that there is something wrong with Doris and Alice burns the Ouija board. Fr Tom hears Doris calling and he climbs through a hole to find her. What he discovers is a room where the experiments were held. He sees Doris there and he gets possessed and tries to kill Alice. He can't do it and Doris kills him. Lina realises that she needs to sew up Doris' mouth to stop the spirits. Doris is going to kill Alice, but Lina gets her on the ground and sews her mouth shut, killing her. She gets possessed momentarily and stabs Alice. Alice dies after seeing her husband and Doris waiting for her.

Lina ends up in a mental institution and she is not alone. She makes herself a Ouija board and calls Doris to come to her. She does so. The doctor is looking in at Lina and doesn't see Doris coming towards him. There is a post credit scene here which shows an old Lina played by Lin Shaye who is still in the institution. She is told that she has a visitor and this links up with the first movie.

What to say about this movie....I like movies about Ouija boards. They can be great fun, but this wasn't. I had high hopes for this, but it was disappointing in the end. It was too slow. The story wasn't great and it was SO predictable. It is a pity because it could have been so much better, but it just seemed as if nothing happened for the first half of the film and when it did, it was nothing new. These bigger budget horror movies can be so bland and frankly boring sometimes. I didn't hate it, but it could have been a lot better. I will give it a middle of the road 5/10.


Tony Briley said...

Fitting score for a more than disappointing movie. Ouija board movies have as much potential as time travel movies, the ability to really make things interesting and unique. This movie failed.

Amanda said...

Yes I was bored with this after a while. It had promise for the first few minutes, but then descended into cliches and predictability. Such a pity because I usually love Ouija board movies. I think that maybe they should leave it there after this movie but I think that there will probably be another one.These films make money!!Thanks for commenting!

Tony Briley said...

You're welcome. Hopefully the next go around can come up with a new twist.

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