Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Car Movie Review 456

The Car is a 1977 horror/thriller movie directed by Elliot Silverstein and starring James Brolin, Kathleen Lloyd and Ronny Cox.

The movie begins with two young people cycling along on a road. They are having fun until a car comes along. This is an unusual car as there seems to be no one inside. It revs the engine and knocks the two young people down and speeds off on its way. A hitchhiker gets the same treatment ad is killed. The Sheriff and his deputy Wade(Brolin)speak to an eye witness and ask him what happened. He is hazy about it all. He tells them that it was a black car.

The car is on the prowl and it kills the Sheriff. Wade has to take over and he orders road blocks to keep the car from leaving. The car comes along and tries to mow down some kids and their teachers who are rehearsing for a parade. They all run into the graveyard and the car can't seem to enter and it has to go after getting an earful from Lauren(Lloyd),Wade's girlfriend, who tells the driver to come out so they can see him. They are saved from being killed. The car breaks through the road blocks and takes some of the cops with it. Wade is a this wits end as his men are being killed. It comes after Wade and he tries to shoot it, but his bullets don't even make a dent. He tries to get in to see the driver, but he gets knocked out before he can see anything. The car heads off again.

Lauren is at her house when she hears the car coming. She calls Wade telling him but the car drives into her house and kills her. Wade is distraught and he wants this car badly!! He and his remaining men come up with a trap to catch the car and blow it up. Wade has to lure the car out into the canyon and then they can get rid of it. There is a chase and the car pursues Wade as he drives out to the right spot. They manage to blow up the car and in the flames, there is something like a face but Wade denies having seen it. They watch as the car burns. There is a scene at the end where the car has survived its ordeal and is looking for more victims elsewhere....

This was an entertaining and fun movie. There is nothing scary or offensive here. I liked James Brolin in it, though his part doesn't call for any major acting really. The car was probably the best actor in this film. I liked the premise and, even though this is very light on horror and scares, it is well worth a watch. It is enjoyable in its own way. I will give it a 5/10.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Amityville 4:The Evil Escapes Movie Review 455

Amityville 4:The Evil Escapes is a 1989 TV movie directed by Sandor Stern and the fourth in the Amityville franchise. It stars Patty Duke,Jane Wyatt and Fredric Lehne.

The movie begins with some priests who enter the Amityville house(Did the house not burn down in the previous movie????) to bless it and exorcise it. They are attacked by unseen forces. One of them called Fr.Dennis(Lehne) is horrified when he sees a demonic face on an old lamp. He gets knocked out by something unseen in the room. Cut to a yard sale in the house and a woman called Helen buys the ugly lamp. She cuts her finger on it. She is going to send the lamp to her sister in California.

Cut to California where Nancy(Duke) and her kids, Amanda, Zoe and Brian are going to stay with Nancy's mother Alice(Wyatt) as Nancy's husband has died and they need somewhere to stay. It just happens that the lamp arrives from Alice's sister, Helen. The cat doesn't like the lamp and hisses at it, so you just know that this lamp is evil! The lamp has a mind of its own and strange things begin to happen in the house. The electrics start to act up and some poor guy gets his hand shredded in the waste disposal!

Helen dies from her infected finger and her sister doesn't know as no one can get through to her. The priest, Fr.Dennis finds out that Alice has the lamp and he wants to warn her. He tries to call the house but for some reason, he cannot get through so he decides to go and see her in person. Nancy finds Jessica talking to the lamp and she thinks that it her dead father.Nancy is very worried. Jessica becomes stranger and stranger. Anyway, the priest comes to the house and gets ready for a battle.
The lamp is waiting for him and there is a fight. They try to destroy the lamp but they can't. The dad shows up and tries to persuade them that it is really him, but they don't believe him. The lamp gets thrown through the window and that's that. The movie ends with the cat shows glowing eyes, suggesting that the evil has entered the cat.

This film didn't have much in the way of scares. I thought that it was a bit boring in parts and there wasn't enough horror in this for me. The fact that the house was still standing after the last film was silly because there was no explanations and this doesn't really have much to do with the previous movies. This is a weak sequel and there is nothing good here. This gets a 3/10.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Haunt Movie Review 454

Haunt is a 2014 horror movie directed by Mac Carter and starring Ione Skye, Harrison Gilbertson and Liana Liberto.

The movie begins with a man called Frank trying to contact his family through an EVP machine.
He tells them that he is sorry. Something attacks him and makes him kill himself. A woman called Janet Morello(Jacki Weaver) is narrating the story of what happened to her family who were killed in a spooky house. A new family is moving in. They are Alan and his wife Emily(Skye) and their children. Evan(Gilbertson) meets a neighbour called Sam(Liberto). She tells him that their house is cursed. It is called the Morello Curse. Evan and Sam try and investigate to see what is going on in the house as strange things happen.

They find the EVP machine and they try and contact the ghost in the house . They hear a voice and they are spooked. Evan's sister becomes a bit strange as the ghost bothers her. Evan and Sam try to burn the machine and then all hell breaks loose. There is some back story on Dr. Morello and the ghost story is explained. Sam gets possessed and kills Evan. She is taken off and Dr. Morello looks at the house and wonders if Evan will be the next ghost to haunt the house. 

This film wasn't very good. I thought that it started okay, but descended into rubbish as it went on. I was not impressed with the story and it irritated me after a while. Some of these films can be boring and derivative. Anyway, I would not really recommend this unless you like crappy movies. I will give it a 3/10.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 9

Last time, Rick and the others had rallied together to fight Negan and his bullies. This episode begins with Gabriel the priest taking lots of supplies and heading off in a car. Where is he going? Cut to Gregory at the Hilltop. He is a coward and he doesn't want to fight against The Saviours. Rick and the others try and convince him that it is the right thing to do, but he is just so cowardly. A few people from the community want to come with them to fight. Rick, Daryl and others go to The Kingdom for help. They want to convince Ezekiel to fight with them. They meet Morgan and he tells them that Carol has gone. Jesus pleads with Ezekiel but he won't go against The Saviours.

Ezekiel offers Daryl sanctuary in The Kingdom but Daryl doesn't want to stay. Rick convinces him to stay for the moment. Rick and the others are driving along when they come upon a row of cars booby trapped with explosives. They take the explosives and move back the cars so that The Saviours won't realise that they were messing with their trap. A herd of walkers is coming and Rick and Michonne mow them down in a great scene! They make it back in time for The Saviours to arrive looking for Daryl. They wreck the place and find nothing. Rick and the others find a note saying boat so they go back to the boat to have a look around. They find themselves surrounded and people pull guns on them. Rick smiles.

This was a good episode with Rick rallying the troops. Hopefully, Ezekiel will join the fight and there will be some serious ass kicking to come!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Iconic Scenes in Movies: A Nightmare on Elm Street(1984)

Well, this film has so many iconic scenes that it is hard to pick out just a few. But, I will choose the best ones. Freddy was introduced in this film and little did we know that he would become a horror icon. So many movies have been made featuring the character but the first one will always be the best in my opinion. I love this film and I have great memories of watching this for the first time. So, where to start???

The first one that I will choose is the first appearance of Freddy in Tina's dream. She has already had a dream about him but this is the moment that he comes for her. It is a great scene. Freddy is at his horrible best here and the death scene is great with some cool special effects for the time. Tina is on the ceiling and she is being attacked by Freddy but her boyfriend can't see it which makes it even better. We can see Tina being cut and slashed and her boyfriend can't stop it. Then she drops to the floor with a splat. This is a great scene.

My next scene is infamous probably because it has Johnny Depp in it, but I love it because it is a great scene and gory too! Johnny plays Glen who is supposed to be staying awake so he can help Nancy to trap Freddy but he falls asleep watching TV and he ends up meeting Freddy sooner that he thought! The scene is great and it shows Glen being sucked into the bed with his TV and then a fountain of blood gushing out of the hole all over the place!His mother comes in to witness this as Glen pops back up and he is dead!

My next scene is Nancy in the bath! I am sure that everyone knows this scene and I think that it is really great. Nancy makes the mistake of falling asleep in the bath(never a good idea) and Freddy comes to get her. The image of his gloved hand coming up though the water is so synonymous with this film and it truly is an iconic scene in horror movie history!!! Freddy tries to pull her down into the darkness under the bath and she just manages to survive!

Lastly, but not least, the ending of this film is good fun too. Nancy thinks that she has beaten Freddy but has she? She walks out of her house and she meets all of her friends who have come back to life. Her mother waves her off from the house . Suddenly, the car that Nancy and her friends are in gets locked and they are driven away, screaming. Nancy's mother is dragged through the front door by a gloved hand which is very familiar.....

So there you have it. Some fantastic scenes to watch. I love this film as most horror fans do and it was never equalled. It is a horror classic and deservedly so. A fine example of a horror movie made well and it is hard to find many horror movies that have influenced the genre as much as this one has. Along with Michael Myers, Norman Bates, Leatherface and Jason, Freddy has earned his place as a horror legend!!!


Friday, February 17, 2017

The Abandoned Movie Review 453

The Abandoned is a 2015 horror movie directed by Eytan Rockaway and starring Jason Patric, Louisa Krause and Mark Margolis.

Julia(Krause) is a woman who is on her first night of her job as a security guard in an empty apartment complex. She has a daughter called Clara. Her colleague is called Dennis Cooper(Patric) and he is a bit rude to her. He is in a wheelchair. Julia is taking pills as she has mental issues. She and Dennis keep an eye on the place and it is creepy at night. Julia sees that there is a certain area that has been closed off and she wonders why this is. She wants to go and see but the door is locked and she can't get inside. A homeless man, Jim(Margolis) shows up outside and begs for a place to stay. Julia allows him inside and puts him into a bedroom to sleep for the night.

Julia goes exploring the area that she shouldn't be in and finds tunnels and a dormitory. She finds drawings by children and she thinks that she sees a child there. Jim goes after her and he meets some kid that kills him. Julia does the old 'Internet search' and comes up with loads of information about the building which was a place for deformed kids who were just left there to die. Dennis thinks that she is losing her mind and he handcuffs her to the table. He goes off into the tunnels to find out what is going on.

Julia breaks out of the handcuffs and she goes back into the tunnels where she meets a boy who fills her in on the horrible conditions that he and the other kids had to live in. She sees it all etc etc. She sees a watering hole and she jumps inside and gets rescued by Dennis but he dies after saving her. She wanders around and meets a blonde girl and seeks her forgiveness and the kids let her leave.
The twist is that this is all happening in Julia's mind. She has been in a coma since she was a child and she made everything up. Dennis is her father and Jim is a patient at the hospital where she is.
Julia is deformed and she has been for years. She dies as her father grieves by her bed.

What can I say about this movie? The old 'ghost kids in an orphanage/hospital/institution' has been done to death and this is no different. How many horror movies have this premise? Loads. This is cliche and I have seen this kind of thing a million times. This film started off well and then just went into boring mode really fast. How Jason Patric ended up in this, I really wonder. I liked it until I saw that it was going to be a ghost kids type of movie and I knew what was coming. I knew that it was all in her mind somehow. There were no surprises here. I would say that if you are looking for a good horror movie, this isn't it.I will give this a 3/10.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Don't Torture A Duckling Movie Review 452

Don't Torture A Duckling is a 1972 Italian horror movie directed by Lucio Fulci and starring Florinda Bolkan,Barbara Bouchet and Tomas Milian.

The movie begins in a small Italian village where a woman is uncovering remains of a child. Then it cuts to three boys who are up to mischief. They are making fun of the local weirdo, Giuseppe. Somebody is making wax dolls and sticking pins in them which is never good! A woman called Patrizia(Bouchet) is tempting a young boy called Michele. He sees her naked and he is attracted to her. The next day, a young boy called Bruno is attacked and he disappears. The police are looking for him and Bruno's father has received a phone call looking for money in return for his safety. A journalist called Martelli(Milian) comes to the village to see what is going on. Bruno's dad delivers the money and the cops are waiting to see who collects it. It is Giuseppe. They think that he is the killer of Bruno but he is just a weirdo and hasn't killed Bruno, whose body is found.

Someone buries one of the wax dolls, suggesting that Bruno was one of them and that someone else killed him. Someone asks Michele to come and meet them. He goes out to meet the person and he gets killed. Who was it? The cops are on the case again. They are suspicious of Patrizia as she was out that night and she knew the kid. She used to a drug addict. Another doll is buried. A woman called La Maciara(Bolkan) shows up at Michele's funeral. She is said to be the local witch and people are wary of her. She runs away. The cops go and and see a local magician who she was living with and ask him some questions about her. He doesn't know where she is. The cops search for her. They discover that Maciara and the magician has a child but it was deformed. They find the little graves with the dolls in them. They catch Maciara and take her into custody.

She admits that she killed the kids. She tells the cops about the wax dolls. She says that the two boys were messing around where her son was buried and she was angry with them. She says that she summoned the Devil and that it can cause anyone to kill. The cops don't think that she is guilty. She is released but she doesn't last long as some locals come and beat her to death amid sad music! Mario, another kid has gone off on his own. The priest finds out about it and goes to find him. Mario meets Patrizia, whose car has broken down. Mario ends up dead. The priest found the body. Martelli finds a lighter by the crime scene. It belongs to Patrizia. He confronts her with it. The cops ask her some questions too. Patrizia and Martelli look around the crime scene. She sees the head of a doll that she bought for the priest's sister but the body is not there.Spoiler alert!

They talk to the priest about it all. His sister is missing and she is with her mother. The priest goes to look for them as Martelli and Patrizia think that the mother might be the killer. The priest finds them in a cave, but it is the priest who is the killer. He takes his sister and heads off with her up a cliff.
Martelli and Patrizia follow him. Martelli tries to talk to him. They fight and the priest falls off of the cliff and the child is saved. There is a montage of the priest and the kids that he taught. He thought that he was saving them from a life of sin. There is some sad music as the priest hits the ground. End of movie.

This was an entertaining movie with some interesting scenes. The one that stands out is the poor woman who gets beaten to death in a graveyard! It is pretty vicious. This was good because I liked wondering who the killer is and everyone was a suspect!I did suspect the priest early on, but it was still great fun. I recommend this to any lovers of Italian horror and to any horror fans in general. You will enjoy it! I will give it a 6/10.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Devil May Call Movie Review 451

Devil May Call is a 2013 horror movie directed by Jason Cuadrado and starring Corrie English, Traci Lords and Tyler Mane.

Sam(English) is a blind woman who works at a suicide prevention hot line. She talks to a guy called John(Mane) and they have built up a rapport over the phone. What she doesn't know is that John is a serial killer and he calls her to try and talk about why he does what he does. A new guy called Jess is starting work and Sam is going to show him the ropes. She is leaving her job and she hasn't told John yet. Jess meets another counsellor called Val(Lords) and the three of them settle in for a night of phone calls. John calls and Val answers the phone. He doesn't want to talk to her and asks for Sam. Val tells him that Sam is busy and that he can talk to her. He gets angry and Val lets it slip that Sam is leaving and he goes mad.

Sam is upset that she didn't tell John about her leaving and he threatens her over the phone. The power goes out in the building and we see that John is outside which is not good news for Sam. He kills the receptionist first and then gets inside with her swipe card. He goes through the building, looking for Sam. He kills the security guard and then he makes his way up to where Val and Sam are. He kills Val and goes for Sam, Jess tries to save her, but he can't. John takes her off to his house to kill her.

Sam wakes up at John's house and he has her tied up. He is going to kill her. She talks to him and he allows her to keep her hands free. She touches his face and gouges his eyes out and she escapes.
This movie was okay. It is more like a TV movie and it has little in the way of gore or real scares. Interesting note:Tyler Mane who plays the killer here was Sabretooth in the first X-Men movie and Michael Myers in the Halloween remake. The ending of this film was a bit lame. She gouges his eyes out and just wanders out of the house. It seemed silly to me, but then I can be fussy about film endings!!! Anyway, I will be kind and give this one a 5/10.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Darkness Falls Movie Review 450

Darkness Falls is a 2003 horror movie directed by Jonathan Liebesman and starring Chaney Kley and Emma Caulfield.

The movie begins with a teenager called Kyle Walsh who is losing his last baby tooth. He is nervous about it because of a story about a woman called Matilda who was burned in a fire and had to wear a porcelain mask over her disfigured face. She was called the Tooth Fairy as she gave kids a coin when they lost their teeth but the locals became wary of her and thought that she had killed local children and hanged her. She cursed them all before she died. The kids were not dead at all so the town covered it up. Kyle knows this tale and he is worried that she is going to come to him. Of course, she DOES turn up and Kyle's mother gets killed by her and he escapes, but ends up in a mental institution, accused of killing his mother.

Years later, Kyle(Kley) is out of the institution and living his life somewhere else. He hears from an old friend of his Caitlin(Caulfield) who wants him to help her brother who is having problems because he won't go to sleep in the dark. Kyle comes to meet the kid Michael and they chat. He doesn't think that he can help him. Kyle has his own problems as he is on meds and doesn't like to sleep in the dark either. He eventually decides to help him and Matilda comes back looking for Michael and Kyle.

She manages to cut the power and she comes for Michael, Kyle and Caitlin who are at a lighthouse.
She is almost able to get them, but Kyle faces up to his fears and fights her. He manages to set her alight and he kills her, ending her curse. The movie ends with a child losing a tooth and being scared that Matilda is going to come to him. It is shown that this does not happen so she is dead and her curse has gone with her.

This film was not good at all. It started well and then as it went along, it just got worse. I was bored by the end of it which is a shame because it is a movie that had slipped through my net and I had been looking forward to it. It just turned into a by the numbers horror movie that was really irritating. Oh yes, and it was not scary at all. So, you have been warned. I will give this a 3/10.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Vault of Horror Movie Review 449

The Vault of Horror is a 1973 horror movie directed by Roy Ward Baker and starring Denholm Elliott, Tom Baker and Daniel Massey.

Five men enter a lift and they are taken down to a basement where a table is laid for them with plenty to drink. Once the lift closes, they can't get back up again. They decide to sit down and relax. They decide to chat and they each describe a nightmare that they have had...

Midnight Mess:
Harold Rodgers(Massey) is a man who has hired a private detective(Mike Pratt) to track down his sister, Donna. He goes to the village where she lives and waits until the evening time to call on her. He goes to a restaurant, but they are closing before it gets dark. He wonders what is going on. He finds his sister and she lets him into her house. He kills her to get her inheritance. He is happy with himself and he finds that the restaurant is open again. He goes in and orders a meal. There is something wrong with the food and the place. He realises that this a den of vampires and he is the main course. His sister is one of them and she leads the vampires in killing him.

The Neat Job:
Arthur(Terry-Thomas) is a bit of a neat freak and he decides that he wants a wife as he has everything else that he wants. He marries Eleanor(Glynis Johns) who is younger and he tells her the way that he likes his house kept. He keeps after her about this and that and he cannot let her do anything herself.
He doesn't like anything moved and his house must be perfect. One day, she makes an awful mess and she can't clean it up. He comes home from work and freaks out. She has enough of him and she kills him and cuts him up into pieces which she stores in jars in the basement very neatly!

This Trick'll Kill You:
Sebastian(Curd Jurgens) is a magician who is on his holidays in India with his wife. He sees a local man performing a trick with a basket and snake. He has a girl with him and she plays a flute and makes a rope come out of the basket. Sebastian wants to know how it is done. He offers the girl money for her rope but she refuses.They lure her to their hotel room and take the rope by force and kill the girl. The rope has a mind of its own and when his wife climbs up the rope, she disappears.
Then it attacks Sebastian and strangles him. It ends with the girl seemingly alive again with her rope.

Bargain In Death:
Maitland(Michael Craig) has come up with a plan to get an insurance payout by Maitland pretending to be dead and buried and his pal Alex who will dig him up and they will share the cash. The plan seems to be working but Alex decides to double cross Maitland and leave him to die. Two medical students want a body to practice on and they decide to dig up Maitland who is still alive. The two students panic and run off into the road and cause Alex to crash his car and he dies. The gravedigger doesn't realise that Maitland is still alive and he kills him while trying to dig him out of the grave.

Drawn and Quartered:
Moore(Baker) is a painter who is living in Haiti. He is down and out. He is mad when he finds out that his art dealer Diltant(Elliott) and two pals are making money from his art after telling him that his paintings were no good. He decides to dabble in voodoo and manages to get a priest to give him powers to destroy with his hand. He decides to get rid of Diltant and his pals and he does so in gruesome fashion. He has painted himself too and this backfires on him when he ruins his portrait and he dies too.

The movie ends with the five men wandering out of the room and into the graveyard where they turn into ghosts. They are all dead and they are forced to wander the graveyard and tell their stories forever. This was very enjoyable with a wonderful cast. It is pretty tame for these days, but I liked the stories and I have to say that I thought that this was great old fashioned fun. I do enjoy anthologies and this is a great way to pass a couple of hours. I recommend this and I will give it a 7/10.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Muck Movie Review 448

Muck is a 2015 horror movie directed by Steve Wolsh who also wrote and produced it. It stars Lachlan Buchanan and Kane Hodder.

The  movie begins with a group of friends who are wandering through the marshes in Cape Cod. They have lost two of their pals. Something has happened to them and they are traumatised. They come upon a holiday home and they decide to go inside and get some shelter.  Of course, there is no phone there so they can't call for help. Noah (Bryce Draper) and his girlfriend Kylie(Stephanie Danielson) want to go and get help. Noah says that he will go alone. Their pal Billy is hurt and they carry him inside with another girl called Mia(Lauren Francesca) who has been wandering around with almost nothing on! Another girl called Desiree(Laura Jacobs) wanders upstairs to have a shower. We get a nude scene of course with her listening to music in the shower.

Noah reaches a local bar for help and bumps in to a gang of women who are on a hen night. Of course, he has time to have a shot with one of the women who is coming on to him and he asks can he use her phone. He doesn't seem too worried about his pals who are back at the house. It is also St.Patrick's Day so the drinks are flowing freely. Back at the weird house, Desiree gets attacked by some axe wielding weirdo. Noah calls his cousin Troit(Buchanan) who is at a bar with two women, one of whom goes into the bathroom to try on different underwear!!! Troit takes his time before he goes to help his cousin. He takes the two women with him.

More of the group get attacked by bald headed weirdos who look like some lost tribe. They are lead by the head weirdo Grawesome Crutal(Hodder). Why they are attacking people is unknown. They seem to be afraid of something in the marshes. The group manage to kill a couple of them. Noah runs back to the house and on the way, he pauses to look at a naked woman through the window. He goes back to the house and finds his girlfriend dying. Everyone is dead, apart from Noah and Troit shows up with his girls. He sees the group of weirdos who jump on his car. He and one of the girls escapes, but the car is overturned and lands on the other one! He finds Noah and discovers what has been going on.

The rest of the film consists of Noah and Troit fighting the weirdos and killing them. Noah gets killed and Troit is left with his gal pal and they go into the marshes to escape. Unfortunately, there is something bad in the marsh too. End of movie. This was a funny movie. It is not to be taken seriously at all. There are boobs and naked chicks running around everywhere. The plot is silly in parts, but it is all in good fun. I wasn't sure what to make of it for the first while and then, it got better and I really enjoyed the end. It is comedy and horror which I usually don't like, but this was entertaining. It is cheap and there is some nudity which is not subtle. But, on the whole, it was fun. I recommend it if you enjoy low budget horror movies which are not too serious. I will give it a 5/10.
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