Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Darkness Falls Movie Review 450

Darkness Falls is a 2003 horror movie directed by Jonathan Liebesman and starring Chaney Kley and Emma Caulfield.

The movie begins with a teenager called Kyle Walsh who is losing his last baby tooth. He is nervous about it because of a story about a woman called Matilda who was burned in a fire and had to wear a porcelain mask over her disfigured face. She was called the Tooth Fairy as she gave kids a coin when they lost their teeth but the locals became wary of her and thought that she had killed local children and hanged her. She cursed them all before she died. The kids were not dead at all so the town covered it up. Kyle knows this tale and he is worried that she is going to come to him. Of course, she DOES turn up and Kyle's mother gets killed by her and he escapes, but ends up in a mental institution, accused of killing his mother.

Years later, Kyle(Kley) is out of the institution and living his life somewhere else. He hears from an old friend of his Caitlin(Caulfield) who wants him to help her brother who is having problems because he won't go to sleep in the dark. Kyle comes to meet the kid Michael and they chat. He doesn't think that he can help him. Kyle has his own problems as he is on meds and doesn't like to sleep in the dark either. He eventually decides to help him and Matilda comes back looking for Michael and Kyle.

She manages to cut the power and she comes for Michael, Kyle and Caitlin who are at a lighthouse.
She is almost able to get them, but Kyle faces up to his fears and fights her. He manages to set her alight and he kills her, ending her curse. The movie ends with a child losing a tooth and being scared that Matilda is going to come to him. It is shown that this does not happen so she is dead and her curse has gone with her.

This film was not good at all. It started well and then as it went along, it just got worse. I was bored by the end of it which is a shame because it is a movie that had slipped through my net and I had been looking forward to it. It just turned into a by the numbers horror movie that was really irritating. Oh yes, and it was not scary at all. So, you have been warned. I will give this a 3/10.


Tony Briley said...

Fair score, terrible movie. I looked forward to it too and thought from the start it wouldn't be disappointing. I was so wrong.

Amanda said...

Yes it was a let down ultimately!Terrible ending.Just a poor movie.

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