Thursday, February 2, 2017

Muck Movie Review 448

Muck is a 2015 horror movie directed by Steve Wolsh who also wrote and produced it. It stars Lachlan Buchanan and Kane Hodder.

The  movie begins with a group of friends who are wandering through the marshes in Cape Cod. They have lost two of their pals. Something has happened to them and they are traumatised. They come upon a holiday home and they decide to go inside and get some shelter.  Of course, there is no phone there so they can't call for help. Noah (Bryce Draper) and his girlfriend Kylie(Stephanie Danielson) want to go and get help. Noah says that he will go alone. Their pal Billy is hurt and they carry him inside with another girl called Mia(Lauren Francesca) who has been wandering around with almost nothing on! Another girl called Desiree(Laura Jacobs) wanders upstairs to have a shower. We get a nude scene of course with her listening to music in the shower.

Noah reaches a local bar for help and bumps in to a gang of women who are on a hen night. Of course, he has time to have a shot with one of the women who is coming on to him and he asks can he use her phone. He doesn't seem too worried about his pals who are back at the house. It is also St.Patrick's Day so the drinks are flowing freely. Back at the weird house, Desiree gets attacked by some axe wielding weirdo. Noah calls his cousin Troit(Buchanan) who is at a bar with two women, one of whom goes into the bathroom to try on different underwear!!! Troit takes his time before he goes to help his cousin. He takes the two women with him.

More of the group get attacked by bald headed weirdos who look like some lost tribe. They are lead by the head weirdo Grawesome Crutal(Hodder). Why they are attacking people is unknown. They seem to be afraid of something in the marshes. The group manage to kill a couple of them. Noah runs back to the house and on the way, he pauses to look at a naked woman through the window. He goes back to the house and finds his girlfriend dying. Everyone is dead, apart from Noah and Troit shows up with his girls. He sees the group of weirdos who jump on his car. He and one of the girls escapes, but the car is overturned and lands on the other one! He finds Noah and discovers what has been going on.

The rest of the film consists of Noah and Troit fighting the weirdos and killing them. Noah gets killed and Troit is left with his gal pal and they go into the marshes to escape. Unfortunately, there is something bad in the marsh too. End of movie. This was a funny movie. It is not to be taken seriously at all. There are boobs and naked chicks running around everywhere. The plot is silly in parts, but it is all in good fun. I wasn't sure what to make of it for the first while and then, it got better and I really enjoyed the end. It is comedy and horror which I usually don't like, but this was entertaining. It is cheap and there is some nudity which is not subtle. But, on the whole, it was fun. I recommend it if you enjoy low budget horror movies which are not too serious. I will give it a 5/10.


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