Friday, February 17, 2017

The Abandoned Movie Review 453

The Abandoned is a 2015 horror movie directed by Eytan Rockaway and starring Jason Patric, Louisa Krause and Mark Margolis.

Julia(Krause) is a woman who is on her first night of her job as a security guard in an empty apartment complex. She has a daughter called Clara. Her colleague is called Dennis Cooper(Patric) and he is a bit rude to her. He is in a wheelchair. Julia is taking pills as she has mental issues. She and Dennis keep an eye on the place and it is creepy at night. Julia sees that there is a certain area that has been closed off and she wonders why this is. She wants to go and see but the door is locked and she can't get inside. A homeless man, Jim(Margolis) shows up outside and begs for a place to stay. Julia allows him inside and puts him into a bedroom to sleep for the night.

Julia goes exploring the area that she shouldn't be in and finds tunnels and a dormitory. She finds drawings by children and she thinks that she sees a child there. Jim goes after her and he meets some kid that kills him. Julia does the old 'Internet search' and comes up with loads of information about the building which was a place for deformed kids who were just left there to die. Dennis thinks that she is losing her mind and he handcuffs her to the table. He goes off into the tunnels to find out what is going on.

Julia breaks out of the handcuffs and she goes back into the tunnels where she meets a boy who fills her in on the horrible conditions that he and the other kids had to live in. She sees it all etc etc. She sees a watering hole and she jumps inside and gets rescued by Dennis but he dies after saving her. She wanders around and meets a blonde girl and seeks her forgiveness and the kids let her leave.
The twist is that this is all happening in Julia's mind. She has been in a coma since she was a child and she made everything up. Dennis is her father and Jim is a patient at the hospital where she is.
Julia is deformed and she has been for years. She dies as her father grieves by her bed.

What can I say about this movie? The old 'ghost kids in an orphanage/hospital/institution' has been done to death and this is no different. How many horror movies have this premise? Loads. This is cliche and I have seen this kind of thing a million times. This film started off well and then just went into boring mode really fast. How Jason Patric ended up in this, I really wonder. I liked it until I saw that it was going to be a ghost kids type of movie and I knew what was coming. I knew that it was all in her mind somehow. There were no surprises here. I would say that if you are looking for a good horror movie, this isn't it.I will give this a 3/10.


Susan Leighton said...

I could tell when you mentioned what happened in the building and kids were involved it was going to be that dreaded touchy, feely ending. I won't waste any time viewing this film. Thanks for saving me the trouble. Terrific review!

Amanda said...

Thanks! It was so predictable. I was irritated by the end of it! I have seen one too many ghost kid movies and they are boring after a while. Generic stuff with little imagination!

Tony Briley said...

I was actually wanting to see this one. You've rained on my parade but in doing so have saved me a big disappoint. Thank you!

Amanda said...

You're welcome.Sorry about spoiling it for you but it wasn't great and was very predictable!

Tony Briley said...

No apology necessary, you saved me a lot of time and maybe even a few dollars.

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