Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Car Movie Review 456

The Car is a 1977 horror/thriller movie directed by Elliot Silverstein and starring James Brolin, Kathleen Lloyd and Ronny Cox.

The movie begins with two young people cycling along on a road. They are having fun until a car comes along. This is an unusual car as there seems to be no one inside. It revs the engine and knocks the two young people down and speeds off on its way. A hitchhiker gets the same treatment ad is killed. The Sheriff and his deputy Wade(Brolin)speak to an eye witness and ask him what happened. He is hazy about it all. He tells them that it was a black car.

The car is on the prowl and it kills the Sheriff. Wade has to take over and he orders road blocks to keep the car from leaving. The car comes along and tries to mow down some kids and their teachers who are rehearsing for a parade. They all run into the graveyard and the car can't seem to enter and it has to go after getting an earful from Lauren(Lloyd),Wade's girlfriend, who tells the driver to come out so they can see him. They are saved from being killed. The car breaks through the road blocks and takes some of the cops with it. Wade is a this wits end as his men are being killed. It comes after Wade and he tries to shoot it, but his bullets don't even make a dent. He tries to get in to see the driver, but he gets knocked out before he can see anything. The car heads off again.

Lauren is at her house when she hears the car coming. She calls Wade telling him but the car drives into her house and kills her. Wade is distraught and he wants this car badly!! He and his remaining men come up with a trap to catch the car and blow it up. Wade has to lure the car out into the canyon and then they can get rid of it. There is a chase and the car pursues Wade as he drives out to the right spot. They manage to blow up the car and in the flames, there is something like a face but Wade denies having seen it. They watch as the car burns. There is a scene at the end where the car has survived its ordeal and is looking for more victims elsewhere....

This was an entertaining and fun movie. There is nothing scary or offensive here. I liked James Brolin in it, though his part doesn't call for any major acting really. The car was probably the best actor in this film. I liked the premise and, even though this is very light on horror and scares, it is well worth a watch. It is enjoyable in its own way. I will give it a 5/10.


Susan Leighton said...

I saw this in the 80s. You know the typical late at night on cable deal. James Brolin has an affable way about him. You are right. This role wasn't too taxing for him. The car did all the heavy lifting. It was Christine before Christine, lol.

Amanda said...

I watched it on a Sunday afternoon and that is the perfect time for it. It was inoffensive and had enough to keep me watching until the end. I have seen a lot better, but then again, I have seen a LOT worse. Brolin is always good. He wasn't really given much to work with in this movie. He was much better in the Amityville Horror two years later. As for Christine, this is sort of a predecessor to that movie but without the horror!

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