Thursday, March 23, 2017

Cell Movie Review 463

Cell is a 2016 horror movie directed by Tod Williams and based on the novel by Stephen King. It stars John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson.

The movie begins with a man called Clay Riddell(Cusack) who is walking through an airport when he notices people turning into crazy killers after talking on their phones. He escapes from them when they try and attack. He gets onto a train with other people. He meets Tom(Jackson) who is a train driver and they try and get out into the underground train tunnel with others, but the others get killed.
They go to Clay's apartment and have a rest. A girl called Alice(Isabelle Fuhrman) finds them and they tell her to stay with them.

Clay has a wife and a son and he wants to go and find them. The group move from one place to the other as they fight the zombies. They figure out that the people called 'phoners' are controlled by something and that they are telepathic. Clay dreams of a man in a red hoodie and the group go to a place where the phoners are congregating. Alice dies and they meet a guy called Ray who gives Clay a phone and tells him to use it when the time is right. He kills himself afterwards. Clay goes home and finds that his wife has turned into a zombie so now he is looking for his son.He finds a message from his son saying where he has gone and Clay and Tom go to find him.

The movie ends with Clay reaching the meeting place for the phoners and finding that his son has turned into a zombie. The guy with the red hoodie is there and so are all of the phoners who are drawn to a giant antenna. The film ends with Clay becoming one of the phoners too. The ending was a bit confusing but that is what I took away from it. Now, I liked the novel and thought that it was a good story, but this movie was very different. The story was changed and it just didn't seem as good to me as the novel. I have to say that the movie was poor apart from that. I like the cast, but this just isn't great. I couldn't really like it. I know that King changed the ending as he thought that fans would prefer it, but I didn't. I thought that the ending was silly and it was just a wasted opportunity. I wouldn't recommend this really so I am giving it a 3/10.


Susan Leighton said...

That's a shame because I loved the book & couldn't put it down. I also like Cusack & Jackson. Thanks for watching so I don't have to!

Amanda said...

You're welcome.I really enjoyed the novel and this was a big let down for me.It is a pity because they could have done it so much better.They wasted a good cast too.

Tony Briley said...

I knew this was going to be an awesome movie. Jackson and Cusack together, it couldn't get any better. I was so WRONG. I couldn't stand this movie. Glad I'm not the only one.

Amanda said...

You are not the only one who disliked this movie.It failed because the story was changed from the King novel and it just wasn't exciting or tense which the novel was.Also, it just wasted the good cast.I like John Cusack and Jackson so this should have been better.Even 1408 was better than this!

Tony Briley said...

Agree there. 1408 I didn't like either but it was more watchable than this one.

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