Thursday, March 16, 2017

Frozen Movie Review 461

Frozen is a 2010 horror movie directed by Adam Green and starring Kevin Zegers, Emma Bell and Shawn Ashmore.

The movie revolves around three people- Dan(Ashmore), his girlfriend Parker(Bell) and Dan's buddy Joe(Zegers) who are going skiing at a resort. Unfortunately, they decide to have another ski late in the day and they get stuck in the ski lift when the staff don't realise that they are still there and the resort closes. They are horrified to find out that they are stranded way up high in the lift and that everyone has gone home. It is very cold and they have no way of keeping warm or getting down. Dan decides that he is going to jump down and get help. This is not a very clever action and he only succeeds in breaking both his legs. Needless to say, he is in severe pain and his screaming brings some wolves who proceed to eat him as he is helpless. The other two just look away as he is being devoured by the pack.

Joe and Parker have to stay the night on the lift. Parker is getting frostbite on her face and hands.
Joe thinks that he will try and climb down by using the cable and slide down the pole. He manages to do it, but he succeeds is loosening the cables on the ski chair and Parker is not too steady. He grabs a snowboard and sails off to get help but he manages to attract the pack of wolves and they chase him. He doesn't come back so Parker is alone now and wondering if he made it or not. She spends the night alone and wakes up the next day determined to get off the lift.

She gets a nasty surprise when the lift begins to break and fall. She is able to get down but the lift lands on top of her ankle which makes her slow as she tries to get away. She sees the wolves but they have their dinner, which happens to be Joe, and they don't attack her. She crawls down the hill and makes her way to the road, where she is rescued by a passing car. The driver is taking her to the hospital and she is finally safe.

This was an entertaining movie. You would think that a film about a ski lift would be pretty boring, but this had enough tension to keep me interested. I didn't foresee a problem with wolves, so that was a surprise and when poor Dan fell and broke both his legs, they went to town on him. I only watched this recently and to be honest, I had not heard of it before, so this was a nice surprise and I did enjoy watching it. Those wolves were very aggressive and I did wonder if they would attack humans so easily but the blood probably attracted them, so I'll let that one go. All in all, a good movie with some tense scenes. I would recommend it. I will give it a 6/10.


Susan Leighton said...

This seems like a terrific movie. Simple & concise where it focuses on just the characters dilemma. Life & death consequences are always exciting.

Amanda said...

When I heard the premise, I did wonder how they were going to fill up 90 minutes but it passed quicker than I thought. The movie is decent and one that had slipped through my net so I was happy to watch. Tense throughout, this is worth a watch!

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