Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Night of the Living Dead 1990 Movie Review 460

Night of the Living Dead is a 1990 remake of the classic movie of the same name. It is directed by 
Tom Savini(yes, THAT Tom Savini) and starring Tony Todd, Patricia Tallman and Tom Towles.

Well, if you have seen the original, then the story is going to be very familiar. If you haven't ,well, I will outline it for you. A woman called Barbara(Tallman) and her brother Johnny(Bill Moseley) are at a graveyard visiting the grave of their mother. They see a weird man coming towards them. It turns out that he is a zombie and he attacks Barbara. Johnny tries to get him off and ends up getting killed. Barbara runs off. She tries to drive away but she crashes into a tree. She runs away and finds a house. She meets a man called Ben(Todd) and he tells her they need to fight. They kill a few zombies and then they realise that there is someone else in the house. A man called Harry(Towles) is down in the basement with his wife Helen and daughter Sarah, who is unwell. There are also two teens called Tom and Judy.

There are more and more undead coming around and everyone has to work together to barricade the doors and windows. Harry is being very annoying and he wants them to go down to the basement and hide until it's all over. Ben doesn't agree and there is a split in the group. Harry and his family stay in the basement while everyone else stays upstairs. They are looking for the key to the gas pumps outside as there is a truck there but it needs fuel. They find keys and go out to the pump but they are not the right ones and Tom and Judy get blown up when a fire starts.

Harry takes a gun from Barbara and he is causing havoc. His daughter had turned into a zombie and she kills Helen. Then she heads upstairs and Barbara shoots her . Harry and Ben manage to shoot each other. Harry runs off to the attic to hide. Ben goes down to the cellar and finds Helen who has turned into a zombie. He finishes her off and then is amused to find the keys to the gas pump. Barbara heads off on her own and meets a group of locals who have been shooting at the undead. She is safe the next day and she goes back to the house to find Ben who has died and come back as one of the undead. He is shot by one of the guys, Barbara sees Harry who is still alive and she kills him as she is angry at him for shooting Ben. She comes out of the house and looks at all of the undead being burned in a huge fire.

This was an interesting remake. As a rule, I am not a huge fan of remakes but this is an exception!It was good as it was faithful to the original, except for the ending, of course. It had a decent cast and all in all, this was very entertaining and I really liked it. There is a lot to like here, so if you enjoyed the original, give this a chance. It is well worth a watch. I will give this a 7/10.


Susan Leighton said...

Tony Todd & Bill Moseley? 2 horror vets make this a sequel to check out. I like the curosity factor. Excellent review.

Amanda said...

Thanks! I was a bit sceptical of this as I don't usually like remakes, but this was decent and the cast was great too!

Tony Briley said...

I remember this one, I enjoyed it too. Good review.

Amanda said...


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