Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 12

This episode begins with Rick and Michonne driving around looking for supplies and guns. They come to a deserted fairground. They can't seem to find much and Michonne thinks that they should just head back home, but Rick convinces her that they should stay out for another while. They see a deer wandering around and they are going to kill it but they lose it. They look around the fairground and find a lot of military people who have loads of guns. They have to kill them to get their arms.
They also find food and they are amazed at their luck.

They have another look around the next day and Rick finds the deer. He is going to shoot it but he gets swarmed by walkers when he falls over and Michonne arrives to see the walkers chomping on a corpse. She thinks that it is Rick and she is stunned and drops her weapon. She is devastated but it turns out to be the deer when Rick reappears. He helps Michonne to kill the walkers and they head off with their haul of guns. They give them to Jadis who says that they are not enough. Rick is disappointed.

Meanwhile, Rosita is also looking for guns and she can't find much. Tara decides to tell Rick about the people at Oceanside as they have guns. Rosita is annoyed and she goes to the Hilltop to find Sasha and she tells her that they can get Negan between them. Sasha agrees and they are going to make a plan...Not a bad episode. A little slow, but okay.


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