Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Burning Movie Review

The Burning is a 1981 horror movie directed by Tony Maylam and starring Brian Matthews, Leah Ayres, Brian Backer, Jason Alexander and Fisher Stevens .

The movie begins at Camp Blackfoot and some teens are setting up a prank to get back at the caretaker, Cropsy, who is not a nice guy. They plant a skull with candles inside in his shed and he freaks out and sets the place alight and burns. He runs to the river as the teens watch it all then run off and leave him. He is brought to hospital where the orderly has a look at his charred body. Cut to five years later, and he is released from hospital. The doctors tell him not to be bitter over what happened. He has to cover himself up and he meets a hooker who takes him back to her place. He freaks out and his killing spree begins...

A new group of kids are coming to Camp Stonewater. So is Cropsy who is armed with a pair of garden shears, ready to strike. There is a side story about a geek called Albert(Backer) who is a bit odd and he pisses off the jock guy Glazer and is taunted by him. The others in the group include Dave(Alexander)and Woodstock(Stevens) and camp counsellors, Todd(Matthews) and Michelle(Ayres). Alfred sees a weird face at the window and he tells the other, but they don't believe him. The kids go on a canoe trip to a creek and Cropsy is hanging around. Their canoes disappear and they are marooned. People start to disappear as Cropsy manages to kill the teens.

Some of the group make a raft and they are going to go back to the camp for help. They set off and see one of their canoes floating on the water. Cropsy is in it and when they look inside, he jumps up and kills them all in a great scene with fingers cut off and the shears in action! The others see the raft coming back with bodies on it and they panic. Todd sends them with Michelle on the raft back to the camp to call the cops. Todd is looking for Albert who is being chased by Cropsy. Albert manages to avoid Cropsy, but then gets caught. Todd hears him and goes to a shed where he finds Cropsy. It turns out that Todd was one of the kids who caused Cropsy's injuries and he wants revenge. They fight and Albert hits Cropsy with his beloved shears. Of course, Cropsy is not dead and Todd and Albert finish him off and set him alight (AGAIN!!). They head off as the cops come. The movie ends with a new group of kids telling the story of Cropsy...

This is a really great slasher. There is everything that I love here- a deranged killer, a group of disposable kids and some great kill scenes!!! I love the scene on the raft where there are bits flying everywhere!! I highly recommend this one as it is very good. This is a classic horror movie and it is a must for horror fans. I really enjoyed this and there wasn't a dull moment here, so all in all, a superior slasher from the 1980's. I will give it an 8/10.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter

The Final Chapter is a 1984 horror movie sequel directed by Joseph Zito and starring Corey Feldman.

This movie starts from where the last one ended. Jason is taken to the morgue. Of course, he isn't dead and he gets up and starts slashing his way out of the hospital. A group of teens are making their way to Crystal Lake where they have a house for the weekend. They meet the neighbours, Trish(Kimberly Beck) and her little brother, Tommy Jarvis(Feldman). The teens are there for a good time and they invite Trish along to their party. Jason has arrived there and he is making his way through the group. He is out for blood as usual.

Jason kills everyone in the house. Trish and Tommy realise that there is something wrong when they get back to their place and the power is out. Jason has killed their mother. Jason comes for them next.  Trish and Tommy are stuck in the house with him and he chases them.  He catches Trish and is going to kill her. Tommy makes a disguise as he is really good at making monster masks and props. He transforms himself into a young Jason and Jason forgets what he is doing for a moment.Trish attacks him with the machete but she doesn't succeed and his mask falls off, revealing his deformed face. This is just long enough for Tommy to grab a machete and plunge it into Jason's skull. He can't stop and he keeps hacking away at Jason shouting 'die, die'. The movie ends with Tommy being traumatised by what has happened as his sister tries to comfort him.

This was a very entertaining entry in the series. I liked it a lot. It is formulaic, but it works. This movie introduces Tommy Jarvis who was Jason's arch enemy and he starred in three of the sequels.
He was played by three different actors in the parts. Tommy is the only one who actually kills Jason and puts him out of commission (for a while anyway). This was meant to finish up the series, but of course, that didn't last. The Final Chapter was not actually the final chapter! All in all, this was an enjoyable movie and one of the better sequels in the series. I will give it a 6/10.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

976 Evil Movie Review

976-Evil is a 1988 horror movie directed by Robert Englund and starring Stephen Geoffreys and Sandy Dennis.

Spike(Patrick O'Bryan) finds a card with a number on it. He calls the number. It's a fortune telling phone service, but it is something far more sinister than that. His aunt is called Lucy(Dennis) and she is very religious and her son is called Hoax(Geoffreys). He looks up to his cousin Spike and he follows him around. He is a total geek and he gets bullied by some of Spike's pals. Spike is the opposite of Hoax. He is cool and he gets girls easily. Spike saves Hoax from the bullies and he looks out for him. Spike calls the weird number again and it tells him to steal something. Spike won't do it and he tells it to get lost. Later, he almost gets run over by a car. Coincidence?

Hoax finds t he number and he rings it. It tells him to go to the cinema to meet his dream girl. He ends up  meeting Spike's girlfriend and they go for a pizza. Hoax gets beaten up by the bullies. They put in into a dumpster. He calls the number again and he listens to the voice on the phone. He gets out his spider and performs some sort of ritual and at the same time, spiders turn up in the girlfriend's dinner  and she freaks out and hits her head and she dies. Hoax is not happy with that. He only wanted to scare her. There's a private investigator called Marty(Jim Metzler) who is nosing around also.

Hoax begins to change. He is not looking himself and he has got a set of talons with which he attacks
one of the bullies. He begins to turn into something nasty. Marty is snooping around and he hears the call. Hoax is being possessed through the phone and he has turned evil. Marty answers the phone and he gets electrocuted but he is okay. Hoax deals with the bullies once and for all. Anyway, the gist of it is that Spike and Hoax face off. Hoax has turned into a devilish creature and he is going to kill Spike.
Hoax ends up falling into a pit of fire and being destroyed. Spike survives. The movie ends with the  evil phone line starting up again, waiting for the next victim...

I liked this film. It is very simple, but good entertainment. Englund did a pretty good job here. I remembered Geoffreys from Fright Night, which he was also good in also. He plays the nerd really well in this film. I like the idea of an evil phone line. That was interesting. I liked the way that Hoax turned from nice guy into some sort of evil devil thing! It was good fun, I thought and I will give it a 5/10.

Monday, April 24, 2017

13 Eerie Movie Review

13 Eerie is a 2013 horror movie directed by Lowell Dean and starring Katharine Isabelle, Brendan Fehr and Brendan Fletcher.

Six forensic students go to an island called Eerie Strait,which used to be a place to put prisoners, to study dead bodies there. Their leader is Professor Tompkins(Michael Shanks) and he has his headquarters in a shack where he can watch the students as they work. They all have walkie talkies to check in with him. He puts them in groups of two and assigns them a different area. Along with the students and professor, they are joined by an ex con called Larry(Nick Moran) who drove them there in a bus and who is making food etc for them. He sees something weird in the woods. He finds a dead body that is not supposed to be there and he sees it twitch. He tells one of the students, Megan(Isabelle) and her partner, Kate(Kristie Patterson) about it. Kate goes to see if it is true and thinks that he is imagining it.

Larry is very worried now. Another student, Rob(Michael Eisner) sees something weird also and he tells his partner, Daniel(Fehr) who thinks that he is making it up. Kate is walking in the woods alone when something stirs. It is the dead body which has come to life. It is some sort of zombie and it chases her and attacks her in the woods. Kate makes her way back to Megan who helps her back to a cabin and tries to help her, but it is too late. Kate dies. What Megan doesn't know is that Kate is coming back- as a zombie. The walkie talkies go dead, cutting off communication. Now, isn't that lousy timing?? Megan battles the Kate zombie and manages to stop her.

The movie then takes another turn when we discover that there are more zombies on the island and that the island was used to perform experiments on life term prisoners and that the experiments went horribly wrong and resulted in these zombie like creatures. They are fast and they are mean!
People get chomped here and there and the remaining survivors battle the zombies. They manage to make it to the bus, but the zombies manage it too and they have to throw them off and try and drive away. A guy drives up to them and they take his car and throw him to the zombies. As they are ready to drive away, they realise, no keys...Who has them???Just guess....Yes, the zombie. The movie ends there with the survivors wondering what will they do now?

This was a fun movie. I had heard nothing about it and it starred Katharine Isabelle from the Ginger Snaps series of movies. The cast was good and the zombies were pretty good too. I liked that they looked mean and nasty and there was money put into this film to make it decent. I see that it didn't get great reviews, but I like to watch for myself before I make up my mind and I thought that this was good. There were some enjoyable moments and the ending make me laugh. It is a good premise and I think that this is a fun zombie film and I would say that it is worth a watch. It is not a brilliant movie by any means, but if you want to be entertained, then this will do it. I will give it a 5/10.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Nude Nuns With Big Guns Movie Review


Nude Nuns with Big Guns is a 2010 action/thriller movie directed by Joseph Guzman and starring Asun Ortega.

This film has not much in the way of plot but here goes...There is an alliance between the church and drug dealers in Mexico. The drug dealers are using nuns and priests to traffic their drugs and the big boss is called The Padre. He is in league with the crooks and has hired a biker gang called Los Muertos led by psycho creep Chavo. He has two sidekicks called Kickstand and Half Breed. They go around raping and murdering anyone who comes into their patch. They are making a trade when one of the nuns, Sister Sarah(Ortega),hides some drugs and she is caught by Chavo who takes her off to use her as a prostitute. She has been pumped full of drugs and used and abused. She is rescued by a guy who works for Chavo and he makes the mistake of giving her a gun. She kills him and heads off, making a plan for revenge against those who have hurt her.

She and another nun called Sister Angelina are holed up together. They are lovers and they have been for a long time. Angelina is helping Sarah to get vengeance on those who used and abused her. Sarah has become a cold blooded killer and she goes around shooting everyone in the drugs ring, including priests. The Padre is getting scared and he tells Chavo to go and get her and kill her. Sarah gets shot when she confronts some of the bad priests and she goes to a motel to patch herself up. She is spotted by the owner who tells Chavo where she is. Sarah escapes by killing the owner and there is an inevitable showdown where Sarah kills all of Chavo's guys. You would think that all would be well after this, but the ending of the movie shows The Padre hiring a hit man called Father John to get Sarah so this is open for a sequel which hasn't happened yet.

This movie was hilarious. I laughed so much at this. It is comedy more than anything else, I think.
I found it ridiculous in parts and there were plenty of nude scenes and women swinging everything around so it is clearly geared towards the male audience. I enjoyed it, though. It was weirdly entertaining and it keep me interested until the end. I especially enjoyed the part where Sarah shot off Chavo's dick and he picked it up off of the floor and looked at it. That has to be seen to be believed! So, if you like lots of boobs, lots of shooting and lots of nuns, then this is certainly for you! It was just hilarious in my opinion and it kept me laughing so I am giving it a 4/10.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sundown:The Vampire in Retreat Movie Review

Sundown:The Vampire in Retreat is a 1989 horror/western comedy directed by Anthony Hickox and starring David Carradine, Bruce Campbell, Deborah Foreman and Maxwell Caulfield.

We are told at the start of the movie that there is some vampires who have decided that they do not want to kill humans. They start using a synthetic blood substitute and they can survive on this. They are led by the mysterious Count Mardulak(Carradine).David Harrison(Jim Metzler) and his wife Sarah(Morgan Brittany) and their two daughters go to the little town of Purgatory where David is needed to help the vampires at the blood making plant. The family decide to make it a vacation.
Meanwhile, in the town,a vampire called Mort(M. Emmet Walsh) meets an obnoxious guy at his gas station and he kills him which is forbidden by Mardulak. The guys pals are watching and they see what Mort has done. They are Jack(Dana Ashbrook) and Alice(Elizabeth Gracen). They go into the town to find a sheriff. When they meet him, he doesn't seem to care what has happened.

Mort hides the body. In the town, the residents are all vampires. They make the town look as if it is normal for the humans. David and his family drive into town and they are greeted by the locals.
The place seems a bit odd to them. Their daughter is obsessed with vampires and she has been dreaming about them. They settle in to the house where they are staying and David goes to the plant. He meet a former friend of his called Shane(Caulfield). He has been turned into a vampire and he works at the plant. David notices that there are some discrepancies in the plant and he wonders what has been going on. He is going to straighten it out. There is a big problem in town. An old guy called Jefferson(John Ireland) has been talking to the locals about the artificial blood. He tells them that they should be hunting and eating humans and not relying on the plant anymore. Shane agrees with him and they gather an army to fight the others who don't want to kill humans. Shane has been messing around at the plant on purpose so that David would come and bring his wife with him.Shane wants Sarah as he had an affair with her before she married David and he has never gotten over her.
He tries to seduce her but it doesn't work.

The vampires survive by wearing sunscreen and hats and dark glasses during the day. David meets Mardulak and he is interested in the dreams that their daughter has been having. She tells him that she has a dream about a war coming. Mardulak realises that someone is against him. Mort turns Jack and Alice into vampires as otherwise, he would have to kill them. He tells them that they are vampires now and that they have to to help Mardulak fight against the bad vampires who are gathering together. Jefferson and Shane have made special wooden bullets to kill the vampires. 

Another person is in Purgatory. His name is Robert Van Helsing(Campbell) and he wants to kill Mardulak and all the vampires. He runs into Sandy(Foreman) who is the local beauty and he takes her captive and wants her to lead him to Mardulak. He gets caught up in the strife as Shane and Jefferson take their posse and go looking for trouble. They shoot and kill a lot of the local vampires and they head to Mardulak's house to kill him. Sandy turns Van Helsing into a vampire and he helps the good vampires fight.There is a huge battle and loads of vampires die. David and his family are there too and Shane tries to get Sarah. He has her in the bedroom but David arrives and sprays him with holy water and kills him. David and Sarah erect a giant cross on the roof of Mardulak's house and the bad vampires go on fire and die. Mardulak realises that God has forgiven him and his pals and that is why they were saved. Everything ends well. David leaves with his family. Mardulak tells him that the plant will be fine now and they will try and recruit more vampires into the town...

This was great fun. I wasn't too sure about the mixture of horror and western but it works here. The comedy was good too. Campbell was entertaining,as usual. Carradine was good as the mysterious Count Mardulak. The whole cast were great in this. The movie was fun from start to finish. I really enjoyed this one. It is just a silly, hilarious, unusual ride and I highly recommend it. This is one to watch. I will give it a 7/10.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Murder Rock Movie Review

Murder Rock is a 1984 horror movie directed by Lucio Fulci and starring Olga Karlatos and Ray Lovelock.

The movie begins with a musical interlude. There are people dancing and they are on television while people are watching them. They are a class of dancers at the Arts for the Living Center in New York and they are told by their teacher Candice(Karlatos) that they need to step it up. The director if the centre is Dick Gibson(Claudio Cassinelli) and he is talking to two TV guys who want three of the dancers for a TV show. There is a lot of competition for the places. So, one of the dancers, Susan finds herself attacked and murdered by someone who sticks a long needle into her. She is found dead at the school.Lieutenant Borges (Cosimo Cinieri) is investigating the case. He is suspicious of everyone at the school.

Candice and Dick are showed to be having an affair. Dick seems edgy. He was having some sort of fling with the dead dancer. Has he more to do with this??? The dancers are upset and Candice has to give them a pep talk to get them going. Lt.Borges talks to Dick about Susan and he knows that there was something going on with him and the young woman. Another dancer gets the chop the same way.
They are all suspicious of each other. Someone is targeting the best dancers. Is it someone who wants the best part`for themselves?  Now comes the weird part. Candice has a dream where a man tries to kill her. She sees the man's face. She notices his face on a billboard and decides to go looking for him. She gets into his room and looks around. He comes back and catches her and she runs off, leaving her handbag there.

The guy calls to her place and his name is George Webb(Lovelock). She tells him about her dream with him in it. She and George become lovers. Dick realises that she has a new man. George turns up at the school to collect Candice and he meets one of the dancers who he was with before. He lies to Candice about it but Dick sees him on camera with the girl. Dick tells Borges about the dream and George. Candice gets a phone call from a friend telling her about George's shady past. He was involved in a murder. She becomes suspicious of him now. She is attacked but it one of the other people at the studio. She is not hurt. Another dancer meets a sticky end. Borges doesn't know what's going on.

A clever kid who was with the latest victim when she was killed took pictures of the killer but didn't get his face. The cops see his coat. Another woman gets it. Candice finds a big needle at George's place and she heads off. She runs off to tell Borges about it. She goes to the school and finds the latest victim dead there. She calls Borges and George is also there. She is locked into a room with videos of the victims playing. George comes in and asks her why she planted the needle in his place. Here comes the explanation of the motive- Candice was hit by a motorbike years ago and the driver didn't stop. This ruined her career in dance and she has never forgotten it. She saw George's face on the billboard and knew that he was the one who hit her. She was already murdering people and now she wants George to take the fall. He has the needle in his hand and she deliberately pushes herself onto it trying to make it look as if he killed her too. Borges arrives but he knows that Candice was the killer. He knew when she ran to tell him about the needle in George's place. She knew too much about it not to be the murderer and they knew from the photo of the coat that it was a woman's coat. They leave the scene, satisfied that the killer has been revealed.

This was an interesting thriller with some good moments in it. I like mysteries and this is pretty good.
There is a little too much dancing in it but I will let that go.I did enjoy this movie and I had never heard anything about it which was good so I went in with no expectations. There was also a lot of shots of the dancers in various positions which I found hilarious. I had no interest in that part of it I have to say. All in all, a decent thriller with some unintentionally funny scenes. The fact that Candice had a dream about George trying to murder her and then she ends up in bed with him was laugh out loud. I will give this a 5/10.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Splatter University Movie Review

Splatter University is a 1984 Troma  horror movie and is directed by Richard W. Haines and it stars Forbes Riley and Ric Randig.

The movie begins with a woman being killed at a college. A new teacher, Julie Parker(Riley) is starting at the college. She meets the dean who is a priest, Father Janson(Dick Biel). He tells her that her classroom is jinxed and that a young teacher was killed and that the killer has not been found.
She accepts the job anyway and she rents an apartment. She starts at the university as another girl is killed. Julie meets another teacher called Mark(Randig) and she asks him about the murder of the teacher. He doesn't know much. More people begin to get killed at the university as Julie tries to settle in.

Julie begins to suspect that Mark has something to do with the murders. She goes to his apartment to have a look around. He comes back to his place and he realises that someone has been in his apartment. He sees Julie leaving. At college, Julie and some of her students find a dead body in a cupboard. Fr. Jenson talks to Julie about the killings. She wants to leave as it is all too much for her. People are dropping like flies and she is worried about getting killed herself. She thinks about it and then she calls Fr. Jenson to tell him that she has figured out who the killer is. She thinks that it is Mark.

Mark calls to see her, but she hits him over the head and runs off to meet the priest. She tells him about Mark . Mark wakes up and he makes his way over to the college to find Julie.Fr. Jenson tells her that she has made a mistake. He is the killer, not Mark. He is no priest. He is an escaped inmate of an insane asylum. There is a chase as he tries to catch Julie and kill her. Mark tries to help her. The priest kills Julie. Mark finds her body and Fr. Jenson calls the cops. Mark realises that it was him behind it all. The movie ends with the priest in a mental institution and we discover that he has been impersonating a priest for two years...

This movie was good fun. I enjoyed it. There wasn't loads of gore in this, but the story was interesting and the movie was not bad at all. It is not a brilliant film, by any means, but I found it entertaining and enjoyable. I will give it a 5/10.

Friday, April 14, 2017

The Walking Dead, Season 7 Finale!

This episode begins with Sasha listening to music in a dark place. She is thinking of times gone by with Maggie and Abraham. Back at Alexandria, Dwight is getting a grilling from Rick and the group. Daryl wants to kill him and so does Tara, but Rick stops them. Dwight tells them that Negan is coming with a lot of his men. He tells them that he can try and stall them. They agree and come up with a battle plan. Sasha talks to Negan and he tells her that she can choose one person to die in Alexandria as punishment for what has happened. He likes Sasha and he is not going to kill her. He decides that she is going into a coffin and he will take her to Alexandria with him. Eugene gives her an I Pod to listen to music on the journey.

Eugene goes in first to try and talk Rick out of fighting Negan but Rick has The Scavengers with him and he doesn't want to give in. He is surprised and disappointed in Eugene. Of course, The Scavengers turn on them and Negan swaggers in and seems delighted with all of this. Michonne battles with a brute of a woman and it seems as if one of them is going to die. Rick tells Negan that he wants to see if Sasha is alive. Negan brings out his coffin and opens it, but Sasha has died and she is now a walker. She attacks him and all hell breaks loose. Rick and the gang attack The Saviours and The Scavengers and a battle ensues.

The weirdo Scavenger leader, Jadis shoots Rick in the side and she stops him from joining in the fight. The fight stops when the group are overwhelmed by Negan and his baddies. Rick and Carl are taken and Negan makes them kneel as Lucille is brought out for some action. Negan tells Rick that he will kill Carl. Rick hears Michonne scream and he thinks that she has been killed. Negan relishes Rick's horror at the thought of her death and he tries to provoke him. Rick doesn't allow Negan to get at him and he tells him that he and his cohorts are all dead men walking. Negan is just about to swing at Carl's head when Ezekiel and The Kingdom guys show up to help. Maggie and The Hilltop crowd come too. Negan has to retreat. The tiger gets his lunch and attacks some of The Saviours. Negan has to retreat and The Scavengers escape too. Rick and Carl find Michonne alive, but beaten up.

There are some questions asked when Negan arrives back at The Sanctuary. Negan asks Eugene how Sasha died. Eugene tells him that she ran out of air, but it is not clear if Negan believes him. Negan gathers his troops and they prepare for battle. Jesus and Maggie come upon the walker Sasha and Jesus takes care of her. She is buried along with the other dead. Daryl finds a message from Dwight saying 'I didn't know' suggesting that he had no idea what Negan was up to.The finale was exciting and it made up for some terribly slow episodes in this season. I hope that the next season will be better. I did enjoy Negan's arrival and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is great. Negan is a formidable opponent and he is great as the lead baddie. I like the introduction of some new groups of survivors and I hope that there will be more surprises in the next season!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Turkey Shoot Movie Review

Turkey Shoot is a 1982 Australian horror movie directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith and starring Olivia Hussey and Steve Railsback.

The movie is set in the future and there is some totalitarian government in existence. A woman called
Chris Walters(Hussey) is taken away by guards when she protests to a man being beaten up. He is part of the resistance so she is taken to a prison camp. Along with her is a man called Paul Anders(Railsback) and a woman called Rita Daniels(Lynda Stoner). Paul is a resistance fighter who has escaped from other prison camps. Rita is a hooker. The prison camp is run by a masochistic guy called Thatcher(Michael Craig). He loves to inflict pain and suffering on the inmates of the prison camp. He has a sidekick called Ritter(Roger Ward) who is another sadist.

Thatcher calls the three new inmates and another two inmates into his office and tells them of a programme that he is running. It is called a turkey shoot. The inmates will be hunted by some of Thatcher's pals and if they are not caught, they can walk free from the prison camp. There are four hunters- Thatcher, VIP guests Jennifer(Carmen Duncan),Mallory(Noel Ferrier) and Tito with a very strange guy/mutant freak. The inmates are released into the bush and they are each followed by the hunters. As some of the inmates are killed, Paul and Chris try and escape.

They manage to kill Mallory, the freak guy, Ritter and Tito. They try to escape and then they realise that the prison camp is on an island and that there will be no escape. They take the digger and go back to the prison camp. They tell everyone to escape and they get guns and shoot the guards. There are reinforcements coming by air. They will bomb the camp and destroy it. Chris gets caught by Jennifer at the camp and they fight but Chris kills her. There is a huge fight between guards and prisoners. Thatcher gets killed in the midst of it all. The planes are on the way to blow up the camp.They do so but the prisoners all manage to avoid getting killed.

This was an entertaining film. I like the premise and it is really good fun! There are some violent scenes, but nothing major really compared to modern horror movies. It was pretty extreme for the times that it was released in but it is not too bad now. I liked the characters and the actors were all good in their parts.It is good if you just park your brain at the door and enjoy the ride! A good, fun film that you are sure to enjoy! I will give it a 6/10.

Monday, April 10, 2017

The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 15

This episode begins with Tara telling Rick about Oceanside. They decide to go there and get their guns. Tara goes first to talk to them and try an persuade them to join. They don't want to. Tara tells them that her friends are coming and that they need their weapons to fight Negan. They take their weapons by force. Tara feels bad about it, but she knows that they need them. Sasha is imprisoned at The Sanctuary and one of Negan's men comes in and tries to rape her. Negan catches him and kills him in front of Sasha. He likes her and leaves her a knife for when the guy turns into a walker. He wants her to join him.

At the Hilltop, Gregory is talking to Maggie and he seems to want to make amends with her. A walker turns up and she saves his life when he is unable to fight it off and kill it. He decides that he he has to take a trip. Where is he going? Sasha is desperate at The Sanctuary and she begs Eugene for something to kill herself with. He gives her poison and tells her that it will take a while to kill her.
She isn't too happy, but she accepts it. Rosita arrives back at Alexandria and she brings someone with her. It is Dwight and he has decided that he wants to help them to get rid of Negan. Daryl wants to kill him. Rick tells him to get on his knees.

Evidence Movie Review

Evidence is a 2013 thriller/horror directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi and starring Radha Mitchell,Stephen Moyer and Torrey DeVitto.

The movie begins with an explosion of a gas station in Nevada. There are body parts everywhere.
The cops come and try and piece together what happened. A video camera is found at the scene. Detective Burquez(Mitchell) is in charge of the case and she takes on grizzled cop, Detective Reese(Moyer) to help with the case. They are going to look at the video footage to find out what happened. There are also two survivors. It is a documentary with a girl called Leann(DeVitto) and her friend Rachel(Caitlin Stasey) is filming her. Her boyfriend, Tyler(Nolan Gerard Funk) is going to ask her to marry him . She surprises him when she says no. They had been planning a trip and they decide to go anyway.

They are on a bus. Leann, Rachel, Tyler and the driver called Ben are going to Las Vegas. Ben picks up two more people, a dancer called Vicki and a teenager called Steven. They chat etc. Suddenly, there is another woman on the bus and she has a bag full of cash. The cops are interested in her.
Rachel asks the driver why he is going along a dirt road. He says that he has another pick up. The woman freaks out when she sees the camera and the bus ends up crashing. They all panic and they need to find a phone. They come to an old junkyard. They look around. The driver has a video camera too and he wanders around. He sees Steven acting strangely. He comes out of one of the buildings covered in blood. The cops wonder what happened to him.

The cops sees someone else being murdered and they notice that the killer is wearing a welders mask.
Everyone suspects each other and the cops watch the video to find more clues. They eventually realise that there is something strange going on. The survivors are Tyler and Leann, Tyler is in the hospital and Leann talks to the cops. They ask her about what happened. She lies to them. They think that Tyler killed some of the group but it turns out that it was actually Leann and Rachel. They framed Tyler for the killings and edited the video to make it look as if he did it. They escape and the cops are left reeling.

This movie was a bit silly. There were some okay scenes, but on the whole, it sucked. It seemed like just another found footage movie and even though there was a twist ending, it was just generic stuff.
I couldn't say that I really enjoyed it. I just think that it was unoriginal and kind of boring. So, unless you are interested in low budget crappy horror, avoid this one. I will give it a 3/10.
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