Thursday, April 6, 2017

Dark Circles Movie Review

Dark Circles is a 2013 horror movie directed by Paul Soter and starring Johnathon Schaech and Pell James.

Alex(Schaech) and his wife Penny(Pell) are moving into a new place. They have a young baby. Their abode looks like some sort of haunted house, of course,and you just know that something weird is going to happen here. Alex is a musician and Penny is looking after the baby. They are tired new parents and they are trying to get their house sorted. Alex thinks that he sees a figure outside and Penny is annoyed at him when he puts the baby's safety at risk. They are both tired and cranky and they wonder if it is sleep deprivation that is making them see things that aren't there.

Alex hires a local girl to come and babysit their child. She comes to their house and they go upstairs to have a sleep. During the night, the babysitter hears something in the house. A weird woman comes after her and attacks her. The sleeping parents hear nothing upstairs. When they wake up , they find the baby alone and they see no sign of the babysitter. They have also lost a day somehow. Later, the baby disappears. Penny has drugged Alex as she doesn't trust him with the baby. She is alone and she looks for her baby. She finds the dead babysitter. A friend of hers calls to the house and they both see the creepy woman.

The woman kills Michael and she attacks Penny. She stabs her. They fight and Penny kills her. Alex wakes up to find Penny on the ground with the baby. Then, we hear a radio report about an insane woman who escaped from an institution after the death of her baby. That was the woman in the house. The movie ends with the family finally being able to sleep.

This film was not great, in my opinion. I wanted to like it, but it just wasn't that entertaining. I did like a couple of scenes, but not much happened in this. It was a bit slow and plodded along in parts.
I can relate to the characters in some ways, but I just didn't enjoy this that much. It's just okay. I will be kind and give this one a 3/10.


Susan Leighton said...

This frankly sounds like a MOW on the Lifetime Channel. The premise is generic. Are there really that many insane asylums next door? Good review.

Amanda said...

This was just boring and mediocre.So many of these horror movies have nothing good to offer.The story was thin and it just didn't interest me. One to avoid, I think!

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