Monday, April 10, 2017

Evidence Movie Review

Evidence is a 2013 thriller/horror directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi and starring Radha Mitchell,Stephen Moyer and Torrey DeVitto.

The movie begins with an explosion of a gas station in Nevada. There are body parts everywhere.
The cops come and try and piece together what happened. A video camera is found at the scene. Detective Burquez(Mitchell) is in charge of the case and she takes on grizzled cop, Detective Reese(Moyer) to help with the case. They are going to look at the video footage to find out what happened. There are also two survivors. It is a documentary with a girl called Leann(DeVitto) and her friend Rachel(Caitlin Stasey) is filming her. Her boyfriend, Tyler(Nolan Gerard Funk) is going to ask her to marry him . She surprises him when she says no. They had been planning a trip and they decide to go anyway.

They are on a bus. Leann, Rachel, Tyler and the driver called Ben are going to Las Vegas. Ben picks up two more people, a dancer called Vicki and a teenager called Steven. They chat etc. Suddenly, there is another woman on the bus and she has a bag full of cash. The cops are interested in her.
Rachel asks the driver why he is going along a dirt road. He says that he has another pick up. The woman freaks out when she sees the camera and the bus ends up crashing. They all panic and they need to find a phone. They come to an old junkyard. They look around. The driver has a video camera too and he wanders around. He sees Steven acting strangely. He comes out of one of the buildings covered in blood. The cops wonder what happened to him.

The cops sees someone else being murdered and they notice that the killer is wearing a welders mask.
Everyone suspects each other and the cops watch the video to find more clues. They eventually realise that there is something strange going on. The survivors are Tyler and Leann, Tyler is in the hospital and Leann talks to the cops. They ask her about what happened. She lies to them. They think that Tyler killed some of the group but it turns out that it was actually Leann and Rachel. They framed Tyler for the killings and edited the video to make it look as if he did it. They escape and the cops are left reeling.

This movie was a bit silly. There were some okay scenes, but on the whole, it sucked. It seemed like just another found footage movie and even though there was a twist ending, it was just generic stuff.
I couldn't say that I really enjoyed it. I just think that it was unoriginal and kind of boring. So, unless you are interested in low budget crappy horror, avoid this one. I will give it a 3/10.


Susan Leighton said...

Low budget crappy can be fun but this just seems like Mitchell & Moyer might have been phoning it in.

Amanda said...

Yes, this was just another found footage movie with not much in the way of scares or fun. The 'twist' was obvious and I just thanked God when it was all over.. I have seen nothing good lately. I'm beginning to worry!!

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