Saturday, April 15, 2017

Splatter University Movie Review

Splatter University is a 1984 Troma  horror movie and is directed by Richard W. Haines and it stars Forbes Riley and Ric Randig.

The movie begins with a woman being killed at a college. A new teacher, Julie Parker(Riley) is starting at the college. She meets the dean who is a priest, Father Janson(Dick Biel). He tells her that her classroom is jinxed and that a young teacher was killed and that the killer has not been found.
She accepts the job anyway and she rents an apartment. She starts at the university as another girl is killed. Julie meets another teacher called Mark(Randig) and she asks him about the murder of the teacher. He doesn't know much. More people begin to get killed at the university as Julie tries to settle in.

Julie begins to suspect that Mark has something to do with the murders. She goes to his apartment to have a look around. He comes back to his place and he realises that someone has been in his apartment. He sees Julie leaving. At college, Julie and some of her students find a dead body in a cupboard. Fr. Jenson talks to Julie about the killings. She wants to leave as it is all too much for her. People are dropping like flies and she is worried about getting killed herself. She thinks about it and then she calls Fr. Jenson to tell him that she has figured out who the killer is. She thinks that it is Mark.

Mark calls to see her, but she hits him over the head and runs off to meet the priest. She tells him about Mark . Mark wakes up and he makes his way over to the college to find Julie.Fr. Jenson tells her that she has made a mistake. He is the killer, not Mark. He is no priest. He is an escaped inmate of an insane asylum. There is a chase as he tries to catch Julie and kill her. Mark tries to help her. The priest kills Julie. Mark finds her body and Fr. Jenson calls the cops. Mark realises that it was him behind it all. The movie ends with the priest in a mental institution and we discover that he has been impersonating a priest for two years...

This movie was good fun. I enjoyed it. There wasn't loads of gore in this, but the story was interesting and the movie was not bad at all. It is not a brilliant film, by any means, but I found it entertaining and enjoyable. I will give it a 5/10.


Susan Leighton said...

Just on that trailer alone, it is a winner, Jigs. I believe I saw this when I was in college. The whole time I was watching the trailer, I thought, did the communications department put this together, LOL?

It seems like a good time and your typical 80s cheese horror which is what I grew up on some I'm ok with it. Terrific review.

Amanda said...

Thanks Susan. I liked it. It was pure 80's fun and these are the movies that I love!
It was cheap, but good cheesy fun. It is worth a look for that reason!!!

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