Sunday, May 7, 2017

Rings Movie Review

Rings is a 2017 horror movie sequel directed by F.Javier Gutierrez and starring Johnny Galecki, Alex Roe and Matilda Lutz.

The movie begins with a man on an airplane and he is talking to a passenger about a video tape which kills people. The airplane crashes. Two years later, Professor Gabriel (Galecki) buys an old video recorder and the haunted tape just happens to be with it. He watches it and gets a phone call saying 'seven days'. Cut to a woman called Julia(Lutz) who is with her boyfriend Holt(Roe). He is going to college and he leaves her. They keep in contact over skype but there is something weird going on with him and she can't get in contact. She gets pissed off with him. She goes to his college dorm to check up on him and she meets Gabriel. He knows nothing about Holt. She meets a girl called Skye who is in a total panic about the video. She wants Julia to look at it, but the boyfriend calls and stops her. Skye is in trouble when Samara turns up and kills her while Julia hides in the bathroom.

Holt finally shows his face and tells her what has been going on. He has watched the tape and he has a certain amount of time before he gets killed. He tells her that he is supposed to pass the video on to someone else and then he will be fine. Julia watches the video to get him out of it and then Gabrile tells her to make a copy. For some reason, she can't copy her copy of the video and she is screwed.
Gabriel has Holt and others in an experiment with the video and they are supposed to help each other through it but it is not going the way it should. They wanted to prove that there is life after death.
They find out where Samara was taken after her death and they go there. It is called Sacrament Valley.

They find out all about Samara and who her mother was etc etc. Vincent D'Onofrio turns up as a preacher gone bad and is good, as always.SPOILER ALERT. DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE END!!!
Gabriel gets killed in a car crash, Julia finds out that the preacher was Samara's real father and that he imprisoned her mother underneath the church where she gave birth to her daughter. Samara is trying to get a message through to Julia. The preacher tries to kill Holt and Julia but Julia plays the video on her phone and the preacher sees it and gets killed by Samara. Holt and Julia burn Samara's remains.
The movie ends with Julia realising that she is turning into Samara(I didn't see that one coming-groan).

This film wasn't great. I really liked the original 2002 The Ring, but this was nowhere near as entertaining or good. I didn't expect it to be this bad. The story is not original. The plot is predictable and I could see the ending coming a long way off. The two leads were not likeable and they were instantly forgettable. Samara wasn't scary as it has already been done, so there is nothing new or terrifying here. If you must watch it, then fair enough, but be warned that this is not a great movie and it feels all too familiar...I will give this a 4/10.


Susan Leighton said...

One of my colleagues actually proclaimed that this was the best movie. He is annoying & daft. Most people hated it so hence no box office. I love Vincent but he could not save this hot mess. Good review!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the warning. I'll skip this one.

Amanda said...

Thanks Susan.It was bad.I gave it 4/10 because it had Vincent D'Onofrio and a few minutes of okay horror.Otherwise it would have gotten a big fat zero.

Amanda said...

Don't waste your time,Tony.It is baaaad!!

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