Monday, May 29, 2017

The Amityville Curse Movie Review

The Amityville Curse is a 1990 horror movie and he fifth film in the Amityville series. It is directed by Tom Berry and stars Kim Coates,Dawna Wightman and David Stein.

A couple called Marvin(Stein) and Debbie(Wightman) buy an old house in Amityville. They decide to ask their pals to come and help them to decorate it. Debbie is psychic and she sees visions, much to the annoyance of Marvin. She thinks that there is something wrong with the house. The pals come to the house and settle in. It is a spooky place, especially with the history of the other house in Amityville.Marvin films everyone in the house. Debbie sees a weirdo dog with a man standing outside the house.Other weird things happen, of course. Marvin and Bill, one of his pals, find a door in the basement. They look inside. There is a crucifix in there. The house goes mad with windows opening etc. Marvin finds it hard to believe. He tells them that they imagined what happened. Books start to fly around and another friend, Frank is affected by the place.

The group meet a woman called Mrs. Moriarty who is a weirdo. The locals tell Marvin that the house has an evil soul. Bill is in bed when he sees a huge spider on him. Debbie dreams of someone hanging themselves. A mirror breaks and Debbie freaks out. Mrs. Moriarty comes to the house and ends up in the basement where someone pushes her down the stairs and kills her. The cops come and tell the group that she worked for a priest who was murdered in the house. She went mad when she found the body. The cops take Marvin's video tape for evidence. Debbie tells her friends that the house brought them to it. It wants to tell them something. Marvin is not happy.Marvin and William talk and they look at Debbie's journal. There is Latin writing in it and there is weird things written in it. Marvin thinks that she has lost the plot.

They decide to get out of the house. Debbie has another dream and she sees the priests killer. Meanwhile, Frank(Coates) is going a little mad in the house.The curse has possessed him.He kills Marvin and William. He turns out to be the killer of the priest. He has turned evil . He tries to shoot Debbie. She throws acid in his face but that doesn't deter him. She eventually kills him but he springs back up again! Debbie finishes him off just as the cops come. The house begins to fall apart.The movie ends with Debbie and her friend Abigail leaving the house.

This movie has little or nothing to do with the original Amityville house. It is just really using the name to sell the movie. It was not great and it would have worked better as a stand alone movie and not a part of the series. It just didn't scare me at all. The character of Debbie was so irritating that it was hard to watch at times. The other characters were forgettable. It was just okay. If you enjoy haunted house movies, then you might like this one. Be warned that this has NO Amityville house or anything related to it in the story and the only Amityville connection is the fact that the house in IN Amityville. This is misleading and stupid. Onwards and upwards from here, I hope. This gets a 3/10.


Susan Leighton said...

Okay. Well, this sounds like how many horror tropes can we have in a movie that isn't relevant to a prominent film? I will pass on this one, Jigs. Stellar review.

Amanda said...

Thanks, Susan. This was boring and silly. I think that they just used the name to get people to look at it. That is why I did and I was fooled! Nothing new or scary here.
Best to avoid it altogether!!!!!

Tony Briley said...

Sounds like another I want to skip. I'm 50/50 on haunted house movies to begin with, and this sounds like it has nothing special to offer that would make it worth taking the time to watch it. Thanks for the honest review.

Amanda said...

Thanks Tony.There is nothing great here at all.It is supposed to be a sequel but it has little to do with Amityville and the house.This is just quite boring so you are right to avoid it!!!

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