Friday, June 30, 2017

Twin Peaks, The Return, Episode 6

This episode begins with Dougie still staring at the statue outside his office. A cop comes over and asks him questions. He brings him back home. Janey-E is worried about him. She gets a photograph of Dougie and Jade together and she gets mad at him. They get a call from someone to whom Dougie owes $50,000. She tells the person that she will meet them and take care of it. Cut to the red room where Mike tells Cooper to wake up. He tells him not to die. Dougie has files from work and he is somehow shown what to do and he starts to draw on them. Albert is in a bar and he meets Diane(Laura Dern).

Richard Horne meets Red who asks him if everything is under control. Richard is caught up in drug
smuggling with Red and Red tells him he had better have it all sorted or he will be sorry. We see the Fat Trout trailer park and Carl Rodd(Harry Dean Stanton) is still there. He is sitting on a bench when he sees Richard Horne drive into a young boy and kill him in the street. Horne drives off. The boy's mother is horrified and Carl tries to help her. We see the same telegraph pole as we did in Fire Walk With Me with the same number on it. What does that mean??

The cops take away Dougie's car. We see a guy in a hotel room receive an envelope. There are two pictures inside. One is of a woman and the other is of Dougie. He is called Ike 'The Spike' and he is a hit man. He goes to the office of the woman and kills her, as well as a witness. He bends his spike that he uses to murder people with. Dougie is called into his boss' office and when his boss sees what he has done with the files, he is impressed. He tells Dougie to keep it to himself. Janey-E meets the two guys who were calling for money and she tells them that she will give them $25,000 and that is it. They agree and she gives them the cash and walks away.

Richard wipes the blood from his truck. Hawk is in the bathroom when he drops a coin. He sees a Native American logo on the toilet and thinks that it is a sign because of what the Log Lady had told him. He notices that the bathroom stall door has a screw missing and there is paper in there. He takes off the other screws and finds a letter. This episode was great. The scene with the child dying was emotional and sad and the scene where Hawk finds the letter was very good. Who is it from? We will find out. I liked that there are more references to Fire Walk With Me. I love that movie! I am eagerly awaiting the next installment!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Parallel Movie Review

Parallel is a 2016 thriller /mystery movie directed by Ieva Makselyte and starring Daniel Westwood,
Faye Sewell, Melissa Veszi, David Magowan and Brian Carter.

 A woman called Heather(Sewell) is at a party given by her boss Anna(Veszi). She is hoping to meet a nice man. She is approached by Neil(Magowan) and they get on really well together. They become a couple. One day, they are walking in the park when they meet a man called John Machlis(Carter).
He tells Heather that he is a medium, but not a normal one. He tells her that he is not a phony. Heather is interested in using his skills. Neil is very skeptical of him and dismisses him. Heather takes his card and they go and see him. Heather buys into it,but Neil doesn't. He tells them that he can see people's alternate versions of themselves and that he can let them see what their alternate lives are like. He says that it can be a bad version of themselves sometimes.

Heather wants to see what her alternate life is like. It cuts to Heather at the same party but this time. she approaches a man called Roy(Westwood). They chat and she realises that he works in her office too.He gives her the keys to his place and assumes that she will meet him there. John brings her back from her alternate life and she tells Neil about it. Neil is worried as she is upset. He asks her what she saw and when she tells him about Roy, he isn't happy. Cut to another session and Heather is back at Roy's place. He tells her that he took someone else's keys and that the apartment isn't his. They have to run when the owners come back. She wakes up. She hasn't told Neil about her visits and he isn't happy when he finds out that she is lying. He decides to have a word with John which he does. John invites him in and tells him that he can experience what Heather did.

Neil sees himself at the party and he meets Rhianna and she is a very tough woman. She humiliates him and when he is in the bathroom she comes in and hits him. He is upset by it. We cut to Heather and Roy having sex. Heather feel guilty when she wakes up. She and John talk and he tells her that his mother had the gift too. He tells her that he crossed over to the other side. Neil goes back to John and he goes back into his alternate life again. This time he gets attacked by two men. It is a set up by Rihanna and then they have sex. In Heather's alternative life, she and Roy are getting it on when two people come to the apartment. They think that Roy is a real estate agent and he is selling their place for them. He tells the the truth and kills the guy Peter(Alexander Cooper) and he asks Heather to kill the woman. Heather hits the woman and kills her. Heather wakes up from her trance and she vomits.

SPOILERS AHEAD.Neil finds out what she has been doing and they an argument at work when the real Roy is there. He doesn't know what is going on. Heather moves out of their place. Neil tells her about his experience. He was going to propose to her and he hands her the ring. Anna calls Neil and Heather in for a meeting with a psychologist. He tells them that John duped them into believing that it was all real. He is just a charlatan. He tells them that Machlin chose them and watched them to find out things about them and then used it to reel them in. Neil goes back to John for a final look at his alternate life. He meets Rihanna and things get out of hand. He gets confused and murders Machlin.
He calls Heather and asks her to meet him. He seems to have crossed over to his alternate life when he killed Machlin. Heather meets him but she is not the real Heather and she has Roy with her. They kill Neil and throw his body in the river. The movie ends with the real Heather throwing the engagement ring into the river.

This was an interesting idea for a film. The two leads were good in their roles and I liked the idea of seeing into an alternative world where you are a different person. The actors are decent and even though this is a low budget affair, it is worth a look if you enjoy indie movies. There are some good scenes in this as everything spirals out of control. Give it a chance as it is pretty entertaining and I think that it is good to support indie movies. If you are interested in watching this, then you can watch it here. There is also a Facebook page here for more information. If you can, have a look at Parallel!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The House that Dripped Blood Movie Review

The House that Dripped Blood is a 1971 horror anthology directed by Peter Duffell and starring Christopher Lee,Denholm Elliott, Peter Cushing, Jon Pertwee and Ingrid Pitt.

An actor called Paul Henderson goes missing after staying in a country house and Inspector Holloway(John Bennett) is investigating. He talks to a fellow policeman who tells him about mysterious things that happened in the house. There are four different segments in this movie.

Method for Murder:

Horror writer Charles Hillyer(Elliott) and his wife Alice(Joanna Dunham) move into the country house. Charles loves the house, but his wife hates it. The killer in his latest book is called Dominic.
Charles feels that Dominic is almost real. He thinks that he can see him in the house. His picture of Dominic disappears and then reappears . He throws it into the river then he sees Dominic. He tells his wife what he saw. She thinks that it is his imagination. She wants him to go and see the doctor. He goes to the doctor who thinks that he can help him. Charles sees Dominic trying to strangle Alice. She tells him that it was HE who tried to kill her. The doctor comes and Dominic strangles him. He goes into the house and meets Alice. It has all been a dastardly plan. Dominic kills Charles Unfortunately, the man who pretended to be Dominic now IS Dominic and he strangles Alice.


Philip Grayson(Cushing) is the next occupant of the country house. He lives alone. He looks at a photo of a woman. He looks around the town and finds a museum of horror and decides to go inside. He looks an the exhibits and sees a waxwork of a woman who looks exactly like the woman in his photograph.The owner of the place tells Philip that his wife was murdered and she was a murderess. She killed his friend and she was executed. Philip rips up his picture. He has a dream about the woman in the waxwork museum. Philip's friend Neville(Joss Ackland) comes to visit him and they go to the waxwork museum. Neville sees the wax woman and he is transfixed by her. He tells Philip not to go to the museum anymore. He can't stay away from the place. Philip goes back later on and he finds out that the owner killed Neville. He attacks Philip too. The segment ends with Philip's head becoming part of the waxwork display.

The inspector goes to visit the estate agent Stoker(John Bryans) who tells him more stories of the house.

Sweets to the Sweet:

John Reid(Lee) is the next tenant of the house. He has a daughter called Jane. He gets a nanny for her. She is called Anne(Nyree Dawn Porter). She was a teacher. Jane seems like an unusual child. She is afraid of fire. Her father doesn't like her to play with dolls or play with other children. Anne wants Jane to go to the playground but John won't hear of it. Anne buys her a doll but John catches her and throws the doll in the fire. Anne is horrified. Jane is not happy. She starts reading about witchcraft.
John gets very upset when candles go missing. Jane takes some of her father's hair and she makes a wax dummy of her dad. She sticks pins in it. John feels a sharp pain. The doctor is called but he can't figure out what is wrong with John. John tells Anne that he is afraid of Jane. He thinks that she is evil. Anne sees Jane with a wax doll. She tries to get it from her, but Jane throws it in the fire. A piercing scream is heard as John dies.

The Cloak:

Paul Henderson(Pertwee) is an actor who stars in horror movies. He moves into the house which he is using to make his latest film. He is a tyrant who is critical of everything. He finds a card left in his dressing room. It advertises a costume hire shop. He goes there looking for a cloak to wear in the movie. An old, strange man sells him one for almost nothing. He is glad to be rid of the cloak for some reason. The cloak makes Paul act differently. He bites his co star and he has no reflection when he wears it. He is becoming a vampire when he wears the cloak. He reads in the paper that the costume shop burned down. They found a man in a coffin underneath the shop. His co star Carla(Pitt)
tricks him and wears his cloak. She turns into a vampire. She wants him to be one too.

The inspector gets the keys from Stoker and he looks around the house. He goes down to the basement and finds a door. There is a coffin in the room. There is a vampire in it. The inspector stakes the vampire and it disappears. Carla is there too and she attacks him. The movie ends with Stoker telling us that the house reflects the personality of the people who live in it.

I really liked this film. I love anthologies as you know so this was a real treat for me. I love these British horror movies which have such great actors in them. This had the best- Christopher Lee steals every scene that he is in and Peter Cushing makes the film better just by his presence.Former Doctor Who Jon Pertwee was great in his role too. I was very impressed with this movie as the stories were fun and interesting and I always love the ironic twists in each of them. There were vampires, witchcraft, murder,waxworks- what more could you ask for? There was no gore and next to no blood, but who cares as the stories were the star of the show! This is highly recommended. I give this one a 8/10.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Twin Peaks, The Return, Episode 5

This episode begins with a woman sending some sort of message to a black box. Cut to the coroner who tells the cops that the dead body they found had a ring on it like Dougie's. We see Evil Cooper in prison and we see that BOB is still inside him. Good Cooper/Dougie is worrying his wife, Janey-E. There are also people looking for him and they see his car outside his house. Janey tells Dougie to go to work as usual. He works at Lucky 7 Insurance and he goes into the office. He sits down with his colleagues and as they are discussing different cases, Dougie says that the  claimant is lying. His boss is not impressed with this. At the casino, the manager is beaten up because of Dougie's huge payout. He is told to get out of town and don't come back.

The guys who are looking for Dougie put something underneath his car. The kid from across the street is going to look at it when three thugs scare him off and try to steal the car. The car explodes, killing them. Jade is having her car washed when she finds a key for the Great Northern Hotel in it. She throws it into a post box. Cut to the Double R diner, in Twin Peaks. Shelley is giving money to her daughter who is called Becky(Amanda Seyfried). Becky gives it to her husband. He gives her drugs and they drive off. Dr. Jacoby has his own show online where he sells golden shovels for shovelling shit. We see Nadine Hurley(Wendy Robie) watching him.

Cut to the Pentagon and military personnel are taking about Major Briggs. His fingerprints have been fond on the dead body in Buckhorn. It is not the first time that his fingerprints have turned up either.
They are going to investigate.We are introduced to Richard Horne(Eamon Farren) who is at the roadhouse. He is up to no good. At the prison, Evil Cooper causes the whole place to go haywire with a phone call. How is he doing it? He says something to the warden about Mr. Strawberry, which is obviously something between them. We see the black box from the beginning of the episode and it disappears. The episode ends with Dougie staring at a statue outside his offices.

This episode was interesting. We got to meet a few new characters. The plot thickens with the Evil Cooper and all of his dirty dealings. What does he know about the prison warden? Who is Mr. Strawberry? Why are the fingerprints on the body from Major Briggs? There are so many questions here but I look forward to finding out what it all means. This series has me hooked!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Bat Movie Review

The Bat is a 1959 thriller directed by Crane Wilbur and starring Vincent Price, Agnes Moorehead and Gavin Gordon.

The movie begins at a house called The Oaks which is owned by a man called Fleming. He works at a bank and he has stolen money. He is on a weekend away with his pal Dr. Wells(Price) and he confides in him about stealing the money and hiding it somewhere. Wells is surprised at this and he listens as Fleming concocts a plan to fake his own death. Wells wants the money and he shoots Fleming and makes it look like an accident. Meanwhile, an mystery author called Cornelia Van Gorder(Moorehead) has moved into the house and is leasing it from Mark Fleming who is the nephew of the dead Fleming. She has her servant Lizzy with her and some other servants.

There is a killer lurking around called The Bat. He is called that because he he has no face and claws made of metal. He kills women. Lizzie and Cordelia are a tad nervous in the house alone. They hear noises as a man fitting The Bat's description tries to break into the house. A hand breaks through the glass and he lets himself in. Lizzie and Cordelia barricade themselves into the bedroom but The Bat releases a bat into the room and freaks them out. Lizzie gets bitten and they call Dr, Wells to help her. He comes and The Bat escapes. Lieutenant Anderson(Gordon) comes over to investigate and the two women tell him what happened in the house. He searches the house but the killer has left. Anderson looks around Dr. Wells' place and he sees a lot of bat related things which makes him wonder.

DR. Wells and Cornelia wonder if Fleming had hidden the money in the house. They want floor plans and Mark Fleming comes over to the house to find them. He meets The Bat and gets killed. Cornelia decides to write a book based on The Bat case. She has two women staying with her, Judy and Dale.
They all look through the house and find a secret door. Mark's body is in there. They call Anderson and he comes over with Wells. Anderson seems suspicious of Wells. Later, The Bat gets into the house once again and the phone line is cut. Dale and Judy go up to the attic and they startle The Bat. He knocks Judy over and heads off.

Cornelia decides to investigate herself. She finds a hole in the wall and it leads to an airtight room with a safe in it. Wells finds The Bat at his place. He is going to frame Wells. They fight and Wells gets shot dead. Cornelia ends up locking herself into the room and she is running out of air. The two girls and a detective called Davenport find her.  They turn off the light to let The Bat think that there is no one in the room. He takes the bait and comes into the house. They hide and he comes in. The butler, Warner is with the women too. Davenport tackles The Bat and gets killed. Warner tackles him and manages to shoot him dead. He is revealed to be.....Lieutenant Anderson!!!! The movie ends with Cornelia finishing her book on The Bat. She says to the audience that 'You can't hide murder.'.

This was an old fashioned mystery story which I loved. It was well directed and the cast were perfect in their roles. Price was very good as the shifty Dr Wells and Moorehead was excellent as the headstrong Cornelia. I liked the story and I liked wondering who The Bat was. I had it wrong as I assumed that it was Dr. Wells, but I love a good whodunit. It was a fun movie which I really enjoyed and I am really glad that I watched it. I would definitely recommend this to any Price fans or lovers of mystery tales. This gets a 7/10.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Amanda's Horror Years- 1991

So, this time, I am covering 1991. There were some good movies and some bad. I consider this year  not great for the horror genre but that is just my opinion.

Let me begin with the good- The People Under the Stairs was a Wes Craven offering starring Everett McGill and Wendy Robie. I liked this movie, even though it would not be my favourite Craven film. I think that it deserves to be included in this post. My next movie is Sometimes They Come Back. This is not one of Stephen King's well known movies, but I love it. I love the story of the man whose brother was killed by a group of bullies in the 1950's. They died in a train accident afterward but have come back into his life as ghosts and he has to relive the memories of his childhood and deal with the ghost bullies. This movie is one of my top King adaptations, but it seems that it is not revered which is a shame. Though strictly not horror, The Silence of the Lambs in included here as it is a classic movie. I read the book and I enjoyed the movie too. It is a worthy contender for best movie of 1991. Another thriller which I have to mention is Cape Fear. Now, I like the original movie so this one paled in comparison. I am not saying that it was bad or anything, it just didn't match up to the classic Robert Mitchum/ Gregory Peck movie.

There are some films that I felt were not brilliant, but not awful either and Popcorn was one of these.
 I did enjoy it in parts, but I wouldn't say that it was great. It is a mediocre slasher. Servants of Twlight is based on a Dean Koontz novel and it is about a young boy who is pursued by a weird cult who think that he is Satan. Another middle of the road one. The Sect was released in this year, but I have not seen that one yet, so I cannot comment. I wanted to include it here all the same. A few other lesser known movies released in 1991 are Dolly Dearest and The Unborn.

Now for the fun part- the sequels!!! So many for this year, I have to say. The first one is Freddy's Dead:The Final Nightmare which is great fun! I love the Freddy movies and this one was just great.
Chucky was back with Child's Play 3 and this was another fun sequel, I think. Puppet Master 2 was released in 1991 and it was straight to video. I liked this film. It was a lot of fun with some hilarious moments with the puppets, especially Torch! Bizarrely, Puppet Master 3 was released in this year too and I watched this today. I thought that it was really good and I loved the Nazi angle. Some not so great sequels from this year were Scanners 2, Critters 3,Omen 4, Howling 6, Silent Night Deadly Night 5 and 976-Evil 2.Wow, so many sequels and most of them, not all, are so so, in my opinion.

There you have it. I know that I will have omitted some movies from this year, but I can't fit them all in. If you have any that you would like to mention, let me know. I am always looking for new horror movies to add to my ever growing to watch list!!! I think that 1991 was an okay year for horror. There were a few decent movies, but there were a lot more duds. The 1990's as a whole were nowhere near as good as the 80's for horror, in my opinion. Anyway I hope you enjoy my movie selection from this year.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Aenigma Movie Review

Aenigma is a 1987 horror movie directed by Lucio Fulci and starring Milijana Zirojevic, Lara Naszinski and Jared Martin.

A lonely girl called Kathy(Zirojevic) is a student at St.Mary's College in Boston. She doesn't have any friends. She is asked out by creepy teacher Mr. Vernon. She is helped by some of her fellow students to get ready and when she meets him and they begin to get close, she finds out that it was all a cruel prank played on her by the teacher and the students. They chase her in their cars, forcing her to run out onto the road and get knocked down. She ends up in hospital and is being monitored by Dr. Anderson(Jared Martin)Meanwhile, at the college, a new student called Eva Gordon(Naszinski) is beginning her first day. She had suffered a nervous breakdown but now, she is fine.

She moves into her room with fellow student, Jennifer. Eva and Jennifer get on well. Eva is man crazy. We see that somehow, Kathy's spirit has entered Eva. Eva goes to meet Mr. Vernon for a date but he somehow gets killed by his own reflection. Kathy is still in her coma, but she is showing some activity when the killing is taking place. She is supposed to be brain dead. Kathy's mother is called Mary and she is the cleaning lady in the college. She is watching everything that is going on. Vernon's body is found and the police are called to investigate.

The consensus is that it is a heart attack that killed Mr. Vernon. Virginia, another student involved ih Kathy's accident goes back to her room and gets covered in snails. Oh yes, I said snails!!! Loads of horrible, slimy little snails who proceed to suffocate her. When the police come, they are puzzled as the snails have vanished. When Dr. Anderson is called to the school to help Eva who is having trouble breathing, she likes him and he asks her out on a date. Another student gets killed in a gallery when a statue falls on her. Eva was with her, but she headed off and left her to her fate. Eva is questioned by the police.

Eva begins to turn Dr. Anderson off and he dumps her for her roommate(nice!!) Eva gets more revenge for Kathy at the school when she kills off more students. Mary sees her doing it. Eva heads to the hospital and tries to kill her roommate and Dr. Anderson. She is going to kill them when she suddenly freezes and drops dead. What has happened? Mary has arrived at the hospital and she turns off her daughter's life support and lets her die. Kathy's soul emerges and heads off into the night.

This movie was interesting and fun. There were some unusual scenes, especially the one with the snails, but I enjoyed it all.  I liked the idea of the girl Kathy controlling Eva and making her kill for her. It is a great idea, I think, and it worked well here. The acting might not be the best, but the film was entertaining for me. I didn't know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. I certainly recommend it and I will give it a 6/10.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Lizard in a Woman's Skin Movie Review

A Lizard in a Woman's Skin is a 1971 horror/thriller directed by Lucio Fulci and starring Florinda Bolkan, Stanley Baker, Leo Genn and Anita Strindberg.

A woman called Carol Hammond(Bolkan) is having weird dreams about her neighbour, Julia(Strindberg). Julia is a party girl and she is always having parties and taking part in questionable activities in her apartment. She has a husband called Frank(Jean Sorel) who is cheating on her and her dad is a top lawyer, Edmund Brighton(Genn) and he is protective of his daughter as he suspects that Frank is not faithful to his daughter. Carol has to go to a psychoanalyst as the dreams go from being lesbian in nature to murdering Julia. She sees two people in the dream who see her murdering Julia.

It turns out that the next day, Julia really has been murdered and Carol goes in for a look and faints. Inspector Corvin(Stanley Baker) comes to investigate. He finds a fur coat at the scene and they think that the killer is a woman. They get a confession from an Irish guy but he is just a nut. Carol sees the two people from her dream who are actually two weird hippies. She follows them but they don't know her. The cops take fingerprints and Carol's turns out to be a match. She is arrested. Carol's dad comes to visit her in custody and she tells him that she did not murder Julia. He and Frank go to see her psychoanalyst and he thinks that the two hippies from her dream might have been witnesses to the crime. Meanwhile, Frank is with his lover and someone is taking photographs. Carol has been put into a nursing home to rest. Someone is watching her. He comes up to her and chases her. It is one of the hippies from her dream. She runs away from him and sees a horrific vision of dogs being experimented on and she passes out.

She tells the staff about her vision, but they put it down to her mental condition. Carol's dad finds out that Frank has been unfaithful. He accuses Frank of framing Carol. He tells him that he could have 
used Carol's dream to set her up. Carol is contacted by one of the hippies and she goes to meet her,
and is attacked but the police come in time. Frank's daughter gets stabbed by one of the hippies and they get caught by the police. They confess to the stabbing and to attacking Carol but they have no information about the Julia killing. The cops don't think that they did it. Carol's dad kills himself and he sets himself up as the killer of Julia. Convenient?

Carol is at her father's grave when Inspector Corvin comes to talk to her. She gets caught in a lie and he realises that she DID kill Julia, with whom she had been having an affair. She thought that the hippies would squeal. She made up her dreams so that she would evidence of being mentally unbalanced and get a lighter sentence should she be caught. Carol is taken away by the Inspector.

This film was interesting. There were some weird images in this. The dream sequences were really unusual and psychedelic. They were so out there. The dog scene made me a little uncomfortable, as I always am with animal scenes in horror, but I know that it wasn't real, so I just go with it. I enjoyed the story, with its twists and turns and it was an enjoyable mystery on the whole. All in all, this was a decent film with some weird scenes, but a good murder mystery story at the centre of it. I liked it and I would recommend it to lovers of the genre. I will give it a 6/10.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Faculty Movie Review

The Faculty is a 1998 sci fi /horror movie directed by Robert Rodriguez and starring Josh Hartnett, Elijah Wood, Robert Patrick and Famke Janssen.

The movie begins with Coach Willis(Patrick) chasing after Principal Drake(Bebe Neuwith) at Herrington High. He and a teacher, Mrs. Olsen(Piper Laurie) chase her and stab her. Cut to the next day and the students are arriving. They are the nerd, Casey(Wood), the cool guy Zeke(Hartnett), new girl Marybeth(Laura Harris),bitch Delilah(Jordana Brewster),athlete Stan(Shawn Hatosy) and weirdo Stokely(Clea DuVall). Casey sees the Coach at school and he is acting really strangely. Casey finds something on the football field and he brings it to  Mr. Furlong(Jon Stewart), the science teacher.

Zeke is selling drugs out of his car at school. A meek teacher, Miss Burke(Janssen) tries to tell him off but he laughs at her. Meanwhile, Mr. Furlong looks at what Casey has found and it turns out to be a sea dwelling creature. He thinks that it is a new species. He puts it in water and it comes to life. It bites the teacher. Casey takes pictures of the Coach. He and Delilah hide and watch the Coach and Mrs. Olsen infect the school nurse played by Salma Hayek. They run away and tell their teachers, but they are all infected too. Casey gets his partner and the cops to come to school to investigate but it backfires on him when there is no evidence of anything amiss. His parents think that he is taking drugs. He looks out of his window and sees the teachers outside. He doesn't want to go to school, but his parents make him.

Delilah meets him there and she tells him that the teachers are after her. Zeke notices that some of the students are acting strangely too. The once meek teacher Miss Burke is now bitchy and confident and she gives Zeke a hard time. Casey tells Stokely about it but she doesn't believe it. The kids all come together and talk about it. Casey tells his pals what has been happening. They go to Mr. Furlong and he has been turned and tries to attack them. Zeke uses his drugs that have been stored inside a pen and stabs him with it. It kills him. It turns out that the alien things don't like the drugs. The group make a plan to get out of the school. They get into Zeke's car and drive away to Zeke's house. He has a drug lab there.

Zeke works out that the drugs dry the creature out and it dies. They squabble as they don't know who is infected. They all have to try the drugs to see. It is Delilah. She escapes. They decide that they need to find the queen and destroy her. They go back to the school. They are chased by the football team who are super strong as they are infected. The creatures come and try and stop them from leaving the school. They kill Principal Drake but she isn't the queen. Zeke needs to get more drugs to kill the aliens.Stan gets infected. Zeke needs to go out to his car and get his drugs. Delilah shows up and tries to infect Casey. Miss Burke tries to get them, but they kill her .

It is revealed that Marybeth is the alien queen. She didn't take the drug earlier so she was not found out. She chases them and tries to kill them. Casey kills her. The movie ends with everyone being back to normal and happy. Everyone was reverted back to their former selves after the creature was killed.
This was a good, fun movie. Think Dawson's Creek with a bit of sci fi and horror thrown in. I liked it a lot and the cast were great. This was more of a teen movie, I think, but that wouldn't put me off at all. I had fun with it and I would certainly recommend it. I will give it a 7/10.

Twin Peaks, The Return, Episode 4

The episode begins with Dougie in the casino. He keeps winning and the casino boss is worried. He calls Dougie to his office to give him his winnings. He asks him where he lives and gives him a chauffeur to take him home. He arrived there and his wife Janey-E(Naomi Watts) comes out and gives him hell for disappearing. She tells him that he has been gone for three days. She sees the money and she is amazed. He can pay off his debts. She is delighted. Meanwhile, Gordon Cole goes to see Denise(David Duchovny) who is the FBI Chief  of Staff. He tells her that they have found Cooper.

In Twin Peaks,Sheriff Frank Truman(Robert Forster) is in charge at Twin Peaks Sheriff Department now. He is Harry's brother. We find out that Bobby Briggs(Dana Ashbrook) is a cop!!!!Who would have imagined that! Frank and Hawk bring out the old Laura Palmer files to have a look. They discuss the Log Lady's message. Bobby sees Laura's photograph and tears come to his eyes as he remembers her. They talk about Cooper and Bobby tells them Cooper was the last person to talk to his dad, Major Briggs, before he died. Cooper left town after that and Major Briggs died in a fire.
Lucy and Andy's son Wally(Michael Cera) turns up and gives a speech. He is dressed like Marlon Brando from The Wild One movie.

Cooper/ Dougie is at his house and he looks at his son, Sonny Jim. He is unsure of what to do. His son laughs. Gordon and Albert arrive at a jail in South Dakota to see evil Cooper. He talks to them and tells them that he was working undercover with Phillip Jeffries. He tells them that he was going to tell them all about it. He tells them that he left messages with Phillip so that he knew that it was safe.Albert tells Gordon that he authorised Jeffries to give some information to Cooper years ago about their man in Colombia and a week later, the man was killed so something is very wrong. It has  something to do with the Blue Rose. They don't think that the person that they talked to is really Cooper and they need to bring 'her' in to see if it really is.Who is she??? That is food for thought. Is it Diane? Audrey? Annie? So many possibilities!

This episode was great. It was good to see Duchovny reprising his role as Denise.There was some real emotion in the scene where Bobby sees Laura Palmer's photograph. It was a very powerful scene and I loved it! I like that Gordon and Albert are not fooled by evil Cooper's facade and it will be so interesting to see who 'she' is!!
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