Saturday, June 10, 2017

Rawhead Rex Review

Rawhead Rex is a 1986 Irish horror movie directed by George Pavlou and written by Clive Barker and starring David Dukes and Niall Toibin.

Howard Hallenbeck(Dukes) is an American who travels to Ireland on holidays. He is also photographing religious stuff such as graves and churches etc. He has his wife with him and his son and daughter. Some locals are trying to dig up a large stone pillar which is in a field. They fail and head off. There is a storm coming  and the pillar is hit by lightning. It falls over and a monster is unearthed. A local priest, O'Brien touches the altar in the church and becomes insane for some reason. Howard is looking for Reverend Coot(Toibin) and he wants to look at the parish records. He is also looking for sacred sites.

The monster, called Rawhead Rex, goes around the town killing the locals. The cops come and they are bewildered by the happenings around town. Howard spots the monster and he tells the police but they don't believe him. Howard is further frustrated when the Reverend tells him that the parish records have been stolen. Howard is in the church taking photos when O'Brien comes in and breaks his camera. He threatens Howard. Howard and his family are going to leave and go to Dublin when his wife sees something in a field. Howard stops the car when his daughter needs to pee behind a bush and Howard with his wife go into the field when their daughter says that she sees something. It is just a scarecrow. Their son is in the car when Rex comes along and kills him. 

Howard goes to the police again. He is furious with them for not doing anything about his son's death. He says he'll get it himself. He goes to Coot and they discuss the monster. They look at a stained glass window in which the monster is shown defeated by a weapon. O'Brien gets Coot and brings him to the church for Rex, The police come and are going to shoot at Rex but the police inspector has been gotten to by Rex and he blows up all of the cops, including himself. Coot realises that something about the altar is making Rex nervous. He tells Howard before he dies. Howard faces off with O' Brien and he subdues him. He cracks the altar open and finds the weapon to kill Rawhead Rex. He tries to use it on Rex, but it doesn't work. Rawhead kills O'Brien. He is going to kill Howard when his wife picks up the weapon and it works. It is because she is a woman. Rawhead is destroyed and Howard and his family go home. The movie ends with Rex coming back from the grave!!

This is a really fun horror movie. I liked the idea of it being set in Ireland and it was just a really entertaining film. If you like monster movies, then this is for you. The story is pretty simple, but that shouldn't put you off. This is one to watch if you haven't seen it.I really enjoyed watching it and I had fun with it which is always good. I will give it a 6/10.


Susan Leighton said...

I saw Rawhead Rex years ago and it is a cult classic. I remember I enjoyed it. For some reason though, the gore factor was always mentioned. Good review, Jigs. David Dukes. I wonder what happened to him? Guess I will be finding out at IMDB, lol.

Amanda said...

Thanks, Susan. It was a good fun movie with some silly scenes, but I liked it. I think that Dukes is dead for some reason. I will have to look at IMDB myself!!!

John Nada said...

Great review Jigsaw! I really liked this movie myself and am glad to have your review.

Amanda said...

Thanks John.This film is entertaining and fun.The monster isn't bad for that time.I found it amusing in parts and I really did enjoy it!!

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